Markco's Corner - Apr 30th

Hello and welcome to Markco's Corner, it's a place where you can feel comfort in knowing that I am happily making your life less boring and educating you simply by gracing  you with my presence!

Real Life
I hit a sushi bar on monday... oh man I'd never tried it before and it was awesome!!! Had a great weekend with my girlfriend (new girlfriend) and we watched some weird movie about bomb squads in Iraq but the bomb squads were not all that successful and I was offended by the way they portrayed the army guys in the movie. I have three relatives in the marines so I don't take kindly to movies which display our service men and women poorly. Weight loss has plateaued at 65+ pounds since I've been slacking a little with the diet but that's the life of a busy man, whatcha' gonna do? I am participating in the broad street 10 mile run in Philadelphia this sunday so if anyone would like to meet up who is also doing it feel free to send me an email. It's crazy, seven months ago I would have never imagined that I would be doing something like that. (for you grammar haters, I know I know I deserve it, I didn't use of in that sentence hehe)

I've really enjoyed the number of emails I've been getting from blog readers the past two weeks. For whatever reason I've seen about a 30% increase in the number of emails that hit my gmail each day. Gold tips, player stories, and just people saying hello or thank you. This community is really special and I'm really happy I was lucky enough to be the catalyst which brought it all together.

I actually played wow this week by breaking up each day into a different character to make gold. My alliance toon had surprisingly great success selling eternal fires and faction pets which I had moved over from the horde side earlier in the week. She also sold some arrows and bullets for remarkably high mark ups... individually of course hehe. My other toons were much more exciting... icethorn down to 6 gold per stack??? MMMMM!!! YUMMY!!! I made over three thousand gold on my scribe, selling everything from glyphs to runescrolls to vellums to off hands for outrageous profits. My tailor decided to focus on netherweave bags and frostweave bags... both sold decently well with the netherweave bags making about 600 more gold during the week than their frostweave cousins. He also sold a glacial bag for 500 gold which was a nice little bonus :) . With regards to my scribe, since I was able to get herbs so cheap (I also had a guild bank tab of left over herbs) I was able to sell glyphs for 2 gold a pop and still make money, so I made three of every glyph worth more than 2 gold and sold a large amount of them. Obviously there were some glyphs going for 60 gold but the vast majority sold for around 10. My blacksmith sold some enchanting rods but not many eternal belt buckles; that was a downer because I was hoping to make more with that. My Jewelcrafter had some luck prospecting saronite ore and I made a decent amount of money selling cut rare and common gems. I didn't have the time to cut and post epics so I didn't bother. You'd be surprised how much people pay for the rare stamina cut gem though haha! Finally my miner smelted cobalt bars for 30% profit compared to the price I paid for the ore.

Overall I was pleased with my time played and gold earned but obviously I didn't have the time to get into every market. Maybe next week :) Some of the areas I was unable to hit were: enchanted vellums, engineering pets, alchemy stuff and leg armor kits. It's so much work though and with one hour a night I just couldn't manage to even finish each gold making area that I did have time to get into. Gotta love quick auctions 3 though, luckily all my settings are still there so my time was really only focused on crafting and posting.

I also started a mage on Kel'thuzad with Thunderer and Jhaman making a rogue and priest for our new 3's team. I may use some of my leveling/gold making skills for posts on the blog as well as youtube videos. I really enjoy solo'ing instances on my mage so we'll have to see what happens. Everything comes down to time, something I really do not have enough of these days. Using the early level tips in my gold guide I actually have made over 47 gold in the first 13 levels over the course of 6 hours of play (I did the auctions on the same toon that is leveling). Keep in mind we don't have any bind on account gear so 13 levels in 6 hours is actually really good! The easiest thing I did to make gold was buying enchanting mats from the enchanting trainer every time I passed him and then resold them on the auction house. I've also been keeping a look out for guild signatures but no luck so far while I've been running through major cities. Playing the auction house flipping items was how I made most of the gold but the enchanting mats allowed me to get some quick gold to get started with. Not to mention the meats off of mobs I collected so far gave me about 10 gold. Finally, I picked up enchanting and mining to make easy gold in the earlier levels, and I'm going to need it because I am probably going to be providing most of the funding for our characters. With no BOA gear we will need gold to grab new weapons and fill in gaps while leveling even with the new LFD tool.

Speaking of LFD, I'm looking forward to making gold with the dungeon finder next week when we all hit level 15! I also need to set up a toon to be my banker on that server, but all in good time.

14 comments: on "Markco's Corner - Apr 30th"

  1. Markco, I really like the idea of Fridays now being Markco's Corner. It really is a great way to get some more insight into the mind of the gold guru we have all come to love.

    Keep it up.

  2. Since I returned to WoW I haven't been much for doing any kind of pve. I just try to make money and play the auction house. But I have 7 real life friends that play on my server so I get dragged into LFD chain heroics. I have made some nice coin off LFD and D/E everything. So I don't mind running with them as much now ;)


  3. Markco,

    Your corner is a great idea. I like to hear about what's going on beyond the Gladiator Prot Warrior that makes my life less boring. I check the forums throughout the day and keep up on this blog.

    As for my gold quest. I have decided to combine Alch with Mining. I have been buying Saronite ore for under 12g a stack and smelting it all. I then jump on my Alch and transmute all of it to Titanium Bars. With procs, it really lowers my cost of making Titansteel bars. I post a few during day and the rest overnight. It's always a pleasant surprise to wake up to a mailbox full of monies!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. oh I forgot to ask, Markco are you on any type of weight loss plan? or did you come up with your own?

    Couple years ago I was about 40lbs overweight but I used some of my own workouts and combined them with the abs diet. I got the book from a friend so it was free, I ended up losing all the weight but it took me 6 months to do it. I haven't been working out so now I'm about 15lbs over now and I want to drop it again.


  5. I just run 3-6 miles a day and eat healthy mixes of foods with carbs and sugars in moderation.

  6. I did something similar to your mage, I rerolled a mage on a new account and took up skinning. After buying upgrades for my major spells(fireball, frost bolt, frost nova...) I sent all my leather and couple silver to a bank alt at the AH and posted a couple stacks of leather. they sold and i had a couple gold, I was pretty well off after that and hit 250g by level 20 just by sending leather, cloth, greens(for 3-5g/ea) and meat to my bank alt and posting all of that on the AH.

  7. Markco are you playing on the arena tourny realm by any chance?

    Also I love the new idea for friday posts :)

  8. I'm assuming you're talking about the hurt locker? pretty incredible movie, one of the year's best imo.
    97% on rotten tomatoes ;)

  9. Hurtlocker was terrible... no plot... no action... just random bouts of drama and showcasing a bunch of buffoons and calling them soldiers.

  10. I'm actually getting more interested in watching the hurt locker after your description Markco. I'm sick and tired of patriotic garbage รก la "we are the best".

  11. Anonymous said... May 2, 2010 at 4:33 AM

    and yet it won 6 oscars. maybe it's just you?

  12. What made me turn it off were:

    The drunk scene, the guy sneaking off base, the terrible commander, and the group letting the iraqi guy die from his wound. There's also protocol for disarming those bombs... we don't just send people in like they made it look and they tend to detonate them remotely far more than disarm them by hand.

    It just wasn't accurate and made the troops look like morons... we have the best armed forces in the world, bar none.

  13. Anonymous said... May 3, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    You're telling me a Hollywood movie isn't accurate?

  14. Face it, you just got pwned by Markco.

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