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I'm going to try something new with Just My Two Copper's blogging schedule and I hope it gives more information to the community on a whole than the old suggestion box friday's did. Since there is a wow gold forum and so many other ways to interact with the JMTC community, I think that suggestion box friday had a good run but it's time to do something different.

Here is how the new blogging schedule will work:

Every day of the week except friday will be normal posts, but from now on I will be writing more posts that are "Community Spotlight" or "Suggestion" style posts to fill for the retirement of Suggestion Box Friday. Because of the way I write my posts (two to three weeks in advance unless there is ground breaking news) it makes sense to just scrap the friday posts and roll up what I would of written into future posts.

My plan for friday posts is to change their name to "Markco's Corner" and make them consist of whatever I'm doing in wow as well as the JMTC community or beyond. I will avoid writing a bullet-ed list of items and instead will give a brief analysis or description of my actions during the current week.

Any feedback regarding this decision is greatly appreciated and I am grateful for the emails/comments on last week's post. As far as comments are concerned I will leave them the way they are for now, it is possible that I will convert from the blogspot account (let's face it this is way overdue) and move to wordpress to increase my options for comments and site interactivity.

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  1. Please verify that any new blog home is viewable thru Websense filters. Websense does allow the viewing of Blogspot blogs, but doesn't allow me to log in, but I can view. :( Websense also blocks the entire JMTC Forums as well. Would love to see you move to a site that allows viewing of both thru this lame arse Websense crap tons of us have at work.

    So Markco please remember to think of us that predominantly view your site from work.

    Still a big fan on the "Community Spotlight" idea.

    Keep up the good work.

    Anxiously awaiting a new Call to Auction podcast.


  2. Love the new ideas, it'll help give everyone a better sense of your personal gold-making ideas than just telling us the general concepts.

  3. ooo Markco's Corner! Is that like the naughty corner? ./clap SPANKING MARKCO sounds so hot !

    The new corner sounds great, although Im sure whatever you decide to do, people are going to read it, like everyday I come to get my Markco fix.

    Peace <3


  4. This sounds like a good idea! I'd be very interested in hearing about your current WoW economic schemes :)

  5. I really like your idea for the new friday posts, I self started Playing the AH for not so long.

    So its a great way to give a insight to someone daily routines whose doing this for way longer time :)

    thx for the great posts markco keep them coming.

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