New Epics from Shadowmourne Raiding

Shadowmourne Questline Extra Rewards
These quests have finally appeared on live servers and the rewards from this questline are actually Shadowmourne extra rewards.

When you kill the Lich King with a player wearing Shadowmourne in the raid, you will get an additional item - Unsealed Chest. After bringing the chest to Darion he will open it up and let you bring the items back to their respective owners to get your rewards :

So what does this mean for you gold making gurus? These items will be appearing on the auction house! Pay attention to buying these and reselling them, I can see them going for 10k gold easily, particularly the mount. They are bind on use, which means they can be traded and sold, just like the loot cards are now.

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  1. Are there many Shadowmournes now since the World First? I wonder how many are there.

  2. At this point most top level raiding guilds have one.

  3. Does it drop one per raid or one per person?

    I'd imagine that it would take a very long time for these to get to the auction house if it's only one per raid. Especially since it's only the best guilds in the world that has Shadowmourne. I doubt anyone in such a guild would ninja the reward to sell on the AH.

  4. I have heard that each of these items will only drop ONE time per Shadowmourne made. When you consider that many of the Shadowmourne wielders will want these items for themselves or for their guild, this will mean that these items will be VERY VERY rare.

    If that is the way it works, I think 10k gold for these items is an extremely low estimate. I wouldn't be surprised if these items, especially the mount, sell for upwards of a hundred thousand gold each.

  5. On my server (US-Barthilas) someone has already listed the mount for 100k (not sure if it's sold or not). I haven't seen any of the other items yet but if it's one per Shadowmourne I'd imagine they would cost a lot more than 10k each.

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