Selling Outside Your Primary Professions

"Hey Marcko,

Just had a little idea and wanted to see what you think. When I was buying the epic arrows on the AH with my hunter, and half of the time it could not find it, probably because so many people were mass buying out the arrows to fill their quiver. I decided to try to get into the arrow business, bought a stack of 20 eternal shadows for 44g, broke them up into 200 crystallized shadows and had a guildie make me 100 stacks of the epic arrows. On my server they range from about 7-13g a stack. I listed them all on the AH for 12g 56s 87c
They all sold within a day (I posted them on Monday night). So overall I made 1,256g 87s. Minus the 44g spent on mats and the 30g tip I gave my guildie, I made a net profit of 1,182.87g. I am new to your website but have found it very helpful, I'm really considering buying your guide as well. If you have already talked about this strategy, I'm sorry for having wasted your time, but hopefully you will find this as a useful tip.

Keep up the awesome website

-A big fan"

Here you have a perfectly normal player with a normal amount of play time making extraordinary amounts of gold. There are several little things that can be learned from this example:

1. You don't have to have a profession to profit from it.
2. Don't knock something until you try it out.
3. If you can't find the items you need then odds are there is a demand for those items which you could fill.

9 comments: on "Selling Outside Your Primary Professions"

  1. I use this method a good bit on getting cuts made to resell or other things such as getting BS to make me wands. Generally even given a decent tip 100g still means im making a large sum of profit and since i always bulk craft it means the worker doesnt feel ripped off. Even if you have the proffession this can cut down craft times pay someone to do something for you while your busy doing other things.

  2. How do you break an eternal shadow up into crystallized shadows?

  3. To the guy who sent in the mail: giving a guildie 30 gold tip for crafting a 100 units of something that required him to purchase a recipe worth 1-2000 gold (when the usual crafting fee for a single unit of lvl 80 items is 5 gold and upwards) is not only sad on a personal level but also a very bad business practice.

    You should have given him half the proceeds or you might find him giving you the finger next time, buying up the shadows from the AH and pocketing the 1000+ gold himself. He doesn't need you, but you need him: with the latest interface changes, there is no need for an addon or any complex configuration to easily put up hundreds of stacks of an item on the AH.

  4. hmm, I would feel a tad cheeky asking a guildie to craft 100 stacks that I then made such a profit on and only giving them 30g. I wouldn't think this was a sustainable business model especially not when the guildie happens to see what price you are sellign them for on the AH.

  5. First off, I agree that a 30g tip for making 100 stacks on an expensive recipe that requires a rep grind is kind of low. Also, it seems that his math is neglecting to take the AH cut into account.

    Other than that, yeah the arrow/bullet market is great, but good luck finding either empty on a high-pop server. My main is a hunter and I have never had a problem getting as many as I want at 8g per stack.

  6. If my guildie ever try to do this to me and only give me 30g (what's that... 2.5%?) tip... I swear I'll put him on ignore list.

    What a dick. Seriously is ripping off your own guildies the kind of suggestions that I came to see on JMTC? I'd have thought this kind of tip belongs on the Goblin.

    Shame on you for doing this to your guildie, and shame on Markco for not even attempt to clarify.

  7. Well, like you said, the guildie could easily have done this himself and kept all the profit...but he didn't. I see a lot of people who get a profession only to craft what they need for themselves (because they don't want the hassle of getting mats and selling stuff or whatever, which is their choice) and then do dailies to make money. In this case he made 30g by going to a forge and idling for 2 minutes, which is more g/hr than he'll ever see doing dailies.

    The fact that this was a guildie helping another out, I'm surprised there even was a tip involved. Usually, when I ask a guildie to make me 40 stacks of Thorium Widgets for DMF or summat, they yell at me for trying to tip them. Unless it's on a daily basis, then they should of course work out an agreement where he gets some of the profits.
    In this case, it was just a friend helping a friend.

  8. I would have to agree with Breakfast.

    Anonymous mentioned, "giving a guildie 30g tip...of something that required him to purchase a recipe worth 1-2000g".

    The assumption was made that the guildie purchased the recipe for the guy who needed the item crafted.

    The way I took the initial e-mail is the guildie already had the recipe and the guy was tipping for the guildie's time. I think 30g is more than enough tip for 10 mins of idle time.

    When I request in trade for a tailor to make an item (my mats, will tip), I tip for the the time and energy to craft the item, not for the cost of the recipe.

  9. I must be on a crappy server or something. I looked into the prices of arrows and ammo, and it is utterly useless. Other people are unloading them for 1g per stack. I was able to make a few gold by splitting them into smaller stacks and selling at full price though...

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