Smelting Cobalt Bars - Still Profitable as Always

"Hey mate,

Love the blog.

I tried one suggestion which was to buy ore and convert it into bars - with the understanding that it is 1-1 transfer unlike other metals of that level.

Well mate, someone on my server is buying a lot of cobalt bars - and I don't know why. It is making me rich however.

Here is the maths:

1. I buy a stack of 20 cobalt ore at roughly 20g
2. I turn it into bars
3. I sell the bars: 5 bars for 19g......... or 76g a stack
4. Some guy logs in and buys the lot a few days later!

5. Got back to the AH and buy all the ore you can and sell it for bars.

It is working well for me, and I have made about 1500 gold in the last two weeks.

Thought you might like to know!


 Although this trick is kind of old, it's nice to see people using it to make some easy gold. Just today I actually made a whopping 200 gold flipping cobalt ore after smelting it into bars. The market is constantly empty thanks to the few cobalt farmers out there and it's easy to add to your snatch list for huge profits. You can always craft them into cobalt waraxes and disenchant for 1.5 greater cosmic essences each as well.

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  1. The saronite bars can be transmuted into titanium bars, and the titanium bars can be smelted into titansteel bars. That makes for two additional potentially exploitable price imbalances.

  2. I wish cobalt was like that on my server. I mostly do this with saronite when I don't need it for a hundred other things. Regardless it's still a very easy way to make some spare change. I recommend it to anybody with a few spare moments.

  3. Good news! The London Metals Exchange is about to start a Cobalt Futures contract:

    No word on Mithril yet:-)

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