Suggestion Box Friday - Youtube Channels

For today's suggestion box friday I'd like the fine JMTC community to throw into the comments section their favorite gold making (or wow in general) youtube channels. Great chance for self promotion guys and girls :)

Community Spotlight - Shadow Ashey
"Hey Markco,

I noticed on your Call to Auction podcast (which I'm really enjoying) that you mentioned you were not sure where people were obtaining so much thorium from and whether they were using shady tactics to get it.

Well, I made a short youtube video showing just how ridiculously easy it is to obtain nowadays within Ungoro Crater (75 Thorium Ore in 13 minutes):

Keep up the great work as always and I look forward to your reply.

Chris (ShadowAshey)

P.S I'm back on youtube :)"

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    thats my channel. im gonna start making them more frequently.

  2. This is mostly well known that Thorium is now spawning at ridiculous rates in Un'Goro, and with that being said it is not profitable on most servers as it was before. On my server Thorium Ore is only selling for 17g/stack with heavy competition, and the gems are down to 90s-4g each. Definitely not worth the time trying to farm it anymore.

  3. I generally find an item that someone is playing with and tag along. There are a fair few people who buy up stacks and relist pages of individual items (like eternal essance) at a 3g markup. I buy a stack and relist individually at a lower price, making a profit of 2.5g per individual item.

    Takes a bit of searching, but gets 50g per relist. Easy to net in 500g after 10min of searching.

  4. Thorium Ore has been going for 12-13G a stack on my server for a couple weeks now. Been stocking up for Cataclysm. :)

    Also prospects nicely into various jewels that can net about 50-60 gold profit per stack.

  5. .... oh well, thanks. twas good while it lasted. My server is low pop (daggerspine) and most fold there are l80. I discovered the crater by chance with my alt one day and farmed it continuously for some time. Thorium had v. good prices on Daggerspina and I heard lot of people and guides complaining about how difficult thorium was to get. I kept quite and farmed it. Not tons of it, I'm a very casual player, but enough to get some nice income. I new it was only a matter of time, and the time came. It is still v. profitable though. The gems from thorium are all needed to get JC from 300 to 350 and are actually ridiculously expensive in my server right now. So I now buy sheep thorium and prospect to sell v. expensive gems :). I assume this will work for only a couple of days, so no harm in sharing that :)

  6. so THAT explains it! I can't watch the video ATM (at work) but the explanation tells a lot.

    I've been wondering where all this cheap thorium ore comes from. Most recently I got 100 stacks for 10g per stack! I remember just 4 months ago selling off my old stock at 75-100g a stack.

    Any chances it will go away? Like, maybe the respawning is a bug and it will be fixed? I hope so. I have over 200 stacks currently.

    I have also faced fierece competition in the gem markets, but I have stayed vigilant and tried to stay as the cheapest seller, even if I fall to a near break-even point to push out compeitition.

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