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Another wow blog on making gold,, has hit the gold cap! Congratulations!!! Also special congrats should go to Zamboni from the forums here who Srsbusiness based his serious business on. He is what I consider towards the higher echelon of making gold, one of the few people who have a system that makes them a powerhouse on the auction house. The method is simple: buy out materials (using a snatch list or searching manually) every single day if they are below a certain price and do not limit the amount of materials you buy. This way you always have a large stockpile of mats for crafting and you force up the prices at which competition can buy their own materials to compete with you. After taking these materials and crafting their items, people like Srsbusiness then have a set amount of items they will sell from their stockpile on the auction house (using addons like glypher or quick auctions 3).

The really valuable piece of information from srsbusiness and the reason I posted this article is his list of items for what he posts every day. Look at that list and then think about all the items he buys on a daily basis to support that setup. I really liked his inscription section, it is virtually identical to my own (except that I do not post weapon vellums). I was shocked to see no jewelcrafting or tailoring, but without a second account tailoring is sort of a waste of time. Jewelcrafting also requires months of acquiring recipes to really be effective so maybe he was just never able to put the work into it earlier in the expansion and instead went with inscription.

The end result of this method? Steady, predictable income that only grows as the seller becomes able to purchase more and more materials. You'd think buying another 10k gold worth of adder's tongues would drive down your profits but in actuality the market reacts and glyph prices go up. This strategy is all about being in it for the long haul and it should be the quintessential goal of anyone reading this blog. Eventually you too will learn how to do exactly what Srsbusiness and many other players on the jmtc gold forums have learned to do.

It all starts with easy wow gold: buy low, sell normal...

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  1. His list includes "Cobalt Rod". I'd like to hear more about how that item made it onto the master list. For those who don't know, the item never made it into the game... so what gives?

  2. Why is tailoring a waste of time without a second account?

  3. Hey Markco,

    Thanks for the post, I was wondering why I was getting comments on my blog suddenly today lol.

    Anyhow, to clarify. I do use tailoring and Jewelcrafting as I mention at the bottom of the post in "The Bloodscalp Report" since I have an army of Alchemists (8 atm) I just make a good mix and send them to my main for cutting, tailoring's pretty cut throat right now, there's a guy firmly entrenched and I just haven't seen a reason to pick a fight with him over it.

    But you highlight what I like most about the JMTC forums, it's very reciprocal. We all learn so much from each other, the differing perspective is as good as gold.

  4. That's pretty much my exact MO on my server. Buy up everything humanly possibly while not flooding the market. Just let the demand work out on it's own. When material shortages come around, you competition will either have to pay a premium or not sell, that gives you the upper hand to make gold at all times.

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