Another Gold Capped Customer

This email is a bunch of awesome tips mixed in with the story of one player who made full use of the JMTC community to get gold capped.

"I started playing wow with a warrior miner/skinner and ran him to 80. In Battlegrounds I was mad I could never kill a pally..So my second character I leveled a pally jc/alchemist...Of course then I needed a herbalist to support my alchemy and leveled death knigh enchant/herb..and finally got a blacksmith/inscription with a tauren hunter.

I amassed about 60k by November 1st...mainly by gold grinding of daily's, skinning and mining adamantite ore. Ore Farmers  never seem to mine burning crusade's outland.  In November while at my kid's game I was playing on my iphone and googled and found JMTC.  And you posted the 22 steps of auctioneer.  Well from November 2009 to May1st 2010 I now have 218,000 gold and I am gold capped. Except of course I have the gold spread over several characters on the azshara server. The ways I made most of money:

  1. Running auctioneer morning when I woke up, when I got home, and when I went to bed. I got a very accurate database of prices to know what is worth something...of course I got burned one day buying two six of chaos because I did not know what it was. It was good lesson to stick to what you know on the auction house. But you would so shocked when you see a dragon's eye for 2gold, or 10 titansteel bars for 70g. People make mistakes when posting or set there opening bid prices so low sometimes they get lost in the dirt and auctioneer and your snatch scans pull those gems out of the muck.
  2. I read every day for ideas.
  3. Max out that alchemist with xmute spec and transmute an epic gem a day
  4. Keep an eye on the trade chat for people dumping honor epic gems and buy them out because when you buy them out they remember you and then they come to you and become your best customer.
  5. Buying a second account to move items immediately with a desktop and pc between the two accounts.  I only got snipped once by another buyer and he mailed the item back to me to teach me a lession. But I moved primodial saronites and no one ever out bid me on my on auction on the cross faction server.
  6. Dropping Skinning and having two JC's maxed
  7. Buy up dragon's eye's around 100g and put up nightmare tears at 200g on both factions.
  8. Obtain as many JC recipes as possible
  9. Max out that blacksmith get the recipes to Breastplate of the white knight , sword breakers wrists, and other top recipes. 
  10. Have my alchemist of transmute spec and xmute tons of meta gems and saronite bars.  Because of the xmute spec it is profitable every day to xmute and crash the market because it is still profitable depending on eternal air and eternal fire prices.
  11. Buying saronite ore under 11g a stack , smelting half and putting up a complete set of savage saronite plate armor every weekend.  Keeping at least 20 eternal belt buckles up on both factions at all times.   Prospect the other rest of ore. Disenchant and keep that enchanter busy
I wanted to thank you again Markco for giving me so many great tips , and yes of course I bought your 20k leveling, but you have given so many great tips for free, and the jmtc bulletin boards allows other goldies to swap ideas.

Thanks for getting me GOLD CAPPED!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. That's awesome! I just added this blog to my RssReader list of WoW Gold Blogs, and this one's been extremely helpful. Good luck to everyone reading this blog, and I'm sure this blog will help with your WoW Gold-making endeavors.

  2. Thanks for such as awesome blog. But just want to make a point my playtime is very limited. These days I don't have time to mill or craft a few hours everyday. In my opinion the amount of gold you make reflect on the amount of time spent (either crafting, milling, scanning the AH etc) but I have to say that using really simple tactics that doesn't take up too much time can be just as good. Btw im sitting at around 80k gold.

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