Best Selling Leveling Enchants and Where to Get Them

Here are the most popular twink and leveling enchants for low level characters and how to get them. Make these a part of your enchanter's scroll production pronto! Also make the materials for these items a part of your snatch or resale scans. Either pick them up to make the enchants or flip them for the enchanters on your server who want to sell the enchants.

Enchant Weapon

Enchant Weapon Firey can be obtained by killing Pyromancer Loregrain in BRD.

Enchant Weapon Lifestealing  can be gained by killing Spectral Researchers in Sholomance.

Enchant Weapon Crusader can be farmed by killing Scarlet Archmage from Eastern Plaguelands or Scarlet Spellbinder from Western Plaguelands.

Enchant Weapon Spellpower is a zone drop from Molten Core.

Edit: Enchant Weapon - Agility is from the Timbermaw Hold and requires honored with them.

Enchant Chest

Enchant Chest - Major Health and Enchant Chest - Major Mana can be purchased from vendors (mana can also drop in the world... of warcraft).

13 comments: on "Best Selling Leveling Enchants and Where to Get Them"

  1. The one I'm selling the most of on my server is Enchant Weapon - Agility. Quite cheap to make and and it sells for 180-220g per scroll.

  2. Enchant Weapon Agility and Enchant Weapon Mongoose are probably ones I should of included in this list, however only Agility can be placed on a level 1 toon's gear. Good job I'll add that one to the post.

  3. Healing to bracers is a good one for twinks, but it doesn't move that fast.

  4. Another one is Enchant Weapon - Strength. It's available in the bar at BRD; you need to be friendly rep with Thorium Brotherhood.

    The selling point about this enchant is that there's no minimum item level requirement. That means you can put it on heirloom gear, which are counted as level 1 items.

  5. you missed out Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (

    hard to come by, but sells really well !

  6. I think you missed enchant chest - greater stats (+4)

  7. +4 stats to chest is a good one too.

  8. Don't forget Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect. Especially on servers that came out in BC and after, not many people put in the effort to farm Thorium Brotherhood rep, and since it makes levelling on lower level casters much faster, I've sold this enchant up to 1000g before.

  9. Anonymous said... May 5, 2010 at 3:40 PM

    Let's not forget the +4 stats to chest...which I have yet to see in months on AH scanning.

  10. Don't forget about +22 int. It takes a bit of a rep grind but even somebody like me who can't stand farming it is 100% worth it.

  11. Anonymous said... May 5, 2010 at 6:02 PM

    And since you'll get friendly with the Timbermaw along the way, also get 2H agility even though hunters may get the two 1H heirlooms I do actually sell this one frequently.

  12. I'm not normally a "GWAAA you forgotz the bestestorz" type person... but you did forget the best chest enchant that doesn't have a level restriction...

    Enchant Chest: Greater Stats

  13. Yep, Greater Stats to Chest is definitely a great heirloom enchant... if you can get your hands on it.

    Alas, being a random old world drop, "Where to Get Them" is "get really really REALLY lucky and have it drop" or "on the AH".

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