Bidding Just Before Reset

Auctions in world of warcraft do not stop during server down times, even the 8 hour down times we see about every other tuesday. Server down time may be when you search blogs like this one for every ounce of wow information you can find or listen to podcasts like Call to Auction or Castaclysm but it should also be a time when you sit comfortably knowing that a whole bunch of loot is waiting for you after the maintenance is over.

 How you ask?

Well something you may or may not be aware of is that auctions continue to 'roll' so to speak even during maintenance. If I bid on an auction with two hours left just before my server goes down then I will have won it by the time servers come back up. What the game does is check to see if an auction should of ended when servers come online and if it is past its expiration date then the auction is closed and the proper actions taken.

Therefore it is a perfectly valid strategy to place bids on any item with 2-12 hours remaining with a few minutes left to go before server shut down. I do this whenever I have time on a random tuesday morning with maintenance and it has netted fabulous results.

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  1. What are some of the items that you have done this with? Or do u just use auctioneer to find some things that are worth while?

  2. I think the best things are always trade goods because use them to level and use them to craft needed items. Cloth, ore, leather, herbs should be on every snatch list.

  3. The question I have is how do you know which auctions will be ending during maintenance? I'm at work right now so I can't check but doesn't the AH show the time it was posted for not how much time is remaining?

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