Flask of Oil

While leveling my mage on Kel'thuzad I managed to gather quite a bit of Flask of Oils, particularly in west fall from all the Harvesters. These oils are used in engineering for the Universal Remote and Jumper Cables which are created by most engineers either leveling their profession or just trying to get all the gadgets available to their character. These oils are often vendored by players or just not picked up because they don't understand what they are used for, but if you actually save these and place them on the auction house you'll be surprised at how much they can be sold for. I sold a stack for 10 gold on my Mage at first and eventually moved towards selling them individually for 1 gold each.

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  1. It's also used for this quest: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=103 (Keeper of the flame).


  2. Here's a money making idea:

    If you're doing the quest for
    Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops (part of the Scales of Sand questline), and you get the recipie, you can sell it. There are far less valuable recipes to be had if you're going for the 160 recipes achievement.

    I sold mine for about 4000 on my second posting on the auction house.

  3. this doesn't jibe with my experience at all.

    I always try to sell any white item on the auction house. What I found was that I could not consistently sell these for enough to be worth messing with. I tried selling for anywhere from 1g each like you say here, down to a few silvers each, and rarely sold more than an occasional batch.

    If you are a new reroll with no gold, it certainly makes sense to give it a shot as the risk (deposit) is low, and there's a good chance you'll sell one or two eventually for a bit of profit.

    But once you have enough gold to do any industry or ah play (around 100g), IMO, it's no longer worth the time to mess with these, and I just vendor them if I don't know somebody who can use them.

  4. I agree with the Gnome. My rule of thumb for this type of thing (also applies to Black Vitriol on my server, contrary to Stokpile's experience, and things like Volatile Rum, etc), is to post them three times at reasonable prices, (the third time at 1.5x vendor price), just once on a weekend, and if none sell, then I abandon (vendor) that item. This way I at least not lost money on the AH deposits.

    I think this kind of thing varies greatly per server. Interestingly enough, on my server, Flasks of Mojo sell decent (1-2g each), and I sell probably 5-10 per day.

    However, unless you've setup your mods to automate the pricing and posting, or are just starting out, even the ones that do sell are only marginally worth the effort. Sure, it adds up over the long run, but chances are you could be spending your time and inventory space more effectively on other items. Low value items are really only great if you can move them in high volumes.

  5. Bountiful Coffers said... May 12, 2010 at 12:55 AM

    Hey Marcko, can you do me a favor? Can you make something like a comprehensive list of everything people should be stockpiling for Cataclysm and why? I know you have a few scattered posts here and there but it would be awesome if you made a nice complete list and maybe updated it every few days? You could add that section to your Friday posts :D. I don't want to walk into Cataclysm with 30,000g when I could be walking in with millions of gold worth of items.

  6. there are a couple of jc recipes in a hard leveling spot that use flask of mojo to make a ring that sells for mat cost and sometimes profit instead of being de fodder.

    FoM actually get up to 5-6g on my server sometimes and always sell decently for 1-2g ea., even though they drop like crazy in ZF and from any of the lvl 30-50 trolls.

    Flask of Big Mojo, OTOH, is vendor trash.

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