Grizzly Hills Farming Spot

Mobs here in Grizzly Hills drop 50 silver sacred mojo 50% of the time! I made about 10 gold in 2 minutes here... absolutely awesome. Toss in some worg meat from the occasional wolf, a few big gray weapons, and the mid level green and you have a great farming spot for level 80's who can one shot the mobs.

Thank you Wetsuit for the post!

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  1. They drop 5-20 silver, not 50... not worth it

  2. I got some cash from the Nascent Val'kyr. They have a 100% drop that vendors for 65s3c. They also drop the Fractured Scarlet Ruby pattern if you are a JC (which is why I farmed them). In theory they also drop a nice trinket, but that has an extremely low drop rate.


    Thank you for the reminder anonymous, I should have linked to the post on the Nascent Val'kyr.

  4. @kelostrada listen to the video again, they drop mojo worth 50 silver to the vendor.

  5. What is it with you and these posts ? Did you change the audience you want to write for ? Farming mediocre spots sent to you by email by the readers ? So what's up with you ? Put some effort, Marcko. The proverb says to teach the man how to fish and not to give them fish. Not only you are given them the fish, but the lowest quality, poor nutrients kind of fish. Teach people how to think, how to switch the business when people needs are changing, how to switch production when markets are busy or better point them to your forum with a link for the best items truly worth farming for.

    Honestly, as long as there is anything else in the game, worth more gold/hour, don't encourage people to farm like this. If you don't agree with the philosophy of "farming what is worth then buy what you need" just think of this : these mobs are fairly spread and not everybody it's a charging warrior nor have movement speed increase. Also be fair and test it for say 1 hour, include a loot list and final gold acquired.

    But seriously, better just go and chain Stockade runs or something...

  6. The point is to show every oppurtunity for farming and then you can pick the spots you like best, not just the best one according to my numbers. I've shown so many spots in northrend that you could even grind mobs along your leveling path to make gold when you're bored in any zone on the continent.

    I've already shown my favorite spots and discussed them to death, so I enjoy seeing new spots other people have discovered, even if they aren't 'the best.'

    If you'd like to look up the best spots, search them on the blog.

  7. I think there are some ethical issues with farming spots like this for gold. This area is an important spot for completing quests for those that are levelling, so for an 80 character to go in and one shot all the mobs there completely screws those trying to level. In general there are a lot of people in the game who obviously have zero consideration for others and greedily do whatever they want regardless of the impact on other players. I encourage people to always think about other people before taking actions.. I think farming gold is just another area where this is applicable and if you are a stand up person you will think twice before cleaning out mobs that are required for quests for a little gold. That goes for a lot of recommendations on making gold, not just this one.

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