Iceblade Arrows Again?

"Hello Markco,

I was browser my local AH today and noticed the prices of Iceblade Arrows dropped.  I did a little experiment. Instead of selling the normal stack of 1000, I instead sold a stack of 100 for around 2-3g.  The arrows sold with haste and I was able to net in about 100g just from the little amount I put in.  Do you think this is a good idea? Is it dishonest, or just using the AH to my advantage?


Well Harry... how about selling them individually for the same price. It's evil so I enjoy doing it to the alliance AH hehe... Ironically on Kel'thuzad there is someone doing this for dozens of pages of arrows at a time, damn someone has too much time on their hands!

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  1. Marcko, you actually can (and should) report them. There was even somebody on my server that got reported and summarily suspended for constantly listing 10 stacks of infinite dust as singles. I think the "blizzard term" would be inhibition of game play. Damn that sort of thing is annoying as hell.

  2. Anonymous said... May 2, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    Dont post too many or the gms will be mad at you. :O

  3. Quick tip: Only post a dozen or so as singles. As the above posters pointed out... you can be banned for this if you abuse the ah with pages and pages of arrows.

  4. Anonymous said... May 2, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    I thought it was bad before seeing pages of singles of different things, but ever since the AH change and being able to choose stack size and amount of stacks this has been happening a lot more and is a major problem at times. But hey on certain items im ok with it, it means I will be able to pick up mats really cheap as the price will fall through the floor normally, because the item is so badly flooded.

  5. I think its BS> You are targeting a single group of players (Hunters), and a game mechanic purely out of greed.

    Have just a little pride in yourself.

    Littlebear Stonemaul

  6. I tried this a couple weeks ago posting 100 arrows for price of 1000 and I had no takers. Maybe too many people had seen it happen on my server before, not sure.

    Nakedjay -

  7. On my server people try this as well, but a regular honest seller that only sells full stacks has a tactic to help prevent people from buying the wrong stacks.

    This person will post a goofy number of arrows like 648 at a few copper with no buyout.

    So this is always the first stack you see, which reminds you to check the stack size you are buying. Seemed that my single and 100 ammo stack sales died after this tactic.

  8. Haha, yeah, on KT we've had someone doing that for at least three months now.

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