Just Another Warcraft Email?

"Hello Markco,

I have a few questions about money making with auctioneer.

1) With engineering I was making Khorium Power Cores and selling it in AH for 250-300 gold with insane profit. Then some people began to undercut me and price went down to <120 gold per one. I was trying to buy it for 120g and put again for 250-300, but they were making more of these items and posting it at low prices. Now, I am uncercutting my opponents by posting for example 1-2 Khorium Power Cores for 119 gold before of my opponent's 5 for 120 gold. Sometimes price go even lower... how can I fix it? Should I accept it?

2) When I see that somebody is posting for example >100 Nerubian Chitins (1-5 and stacks), for 30-50% of market price should I buy lots of them and wait for better times? How to speed up my profit if yes?

3) If you can say 3-5 things are most important in auctioneer career, what would that be?

Best wishes,

1) Don't buy out the people below you, instead post just one to three Khorium Cores if they have auctions up and five to ten if they do not. I assume you only sell one to ten a day but adjust those values to fit your sales margins keeping in mind that weekends probably sell an ok but on weekdays you have the chance of catching a leveler who will buy your whole stock. If you try to buy out your opponent's materials and they are more than capable of going toe to toe with you then it is a bad decision. Instead of artificially creating a lack of supply, you're better off just posting a handful of items and allowing the market to take care of your undercutting competition. See how it goes, the only option may be to have undercutting wars every day, but I would caution against it. Who needs the stress anyway?

2) You should buy the chitin and convert it into leg armor. Get someone to do it for you if you don't have a leather worker.

3) 3-5 things? Going to let the comments fill in this one :) They don't necessarily have to come up with all at once either.

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  1. 3) Patience ;)

    Sometimes you just have to wait for prices to come up to where you want them. That's why having multiple professions is so crucial. If you can't make a big profit on your crafts for one profession no big deal! You can switch to another and make money that way.

    The more professions you have means the more opportunities you have to make gold.

    Nakedjay - http://blingingwow.blogspot.com

  2. Hmmm... I've only just started trying to make money on the AH but one thing I've only just decided to do was spend every more money on stock. I was spending 750g a day to get about 300g profit (changed daily). Yesterday I spent over 3kg on stuff and woke up with over 1.5k in my mailbox! The stuff I bought should last me most of the week as well.
    Although for some people this is quite obvious it's still quite a hard hurdle to climb but one that should be done once you have an idea of your markets.

  3. "If you can say 3-5 things are most important in auctioneer career, what would that be?"

    1. Know your markets and what days items sell better than others.

    2. Diversify into more than one market, in case youR market tanks.

    3. Try to be the last undercutter of the night before logging out for the overnight market.

    4. Befriend farmers for a constant supply of mats via mail.

    5. Visit Just My Two Copper Daily.

  4. I feel so happy to see my e-mail there. Some tips to improve my gold earning are more valuable than this gold instead.
    By the way, how many auctions do you have opened a day? I understand that more things I can buy = more profit I get?

  5. Glyphs alone im running at least 1200 auctions a day, and back when i used to play the auction hose (buy low sell high and all that jazz) i was running another 900-1000 a day, throw in 50-100 gems and im a busy boy

  6. I don't post glyphs at all (a friend has that market cornered on our server) but I do deal almost exclusively in enchant mats, uncut gems, and crafted bags. I have about 400-600 auctions up per day and clock about 1000g per day profit. A big important fact for me, especially with enchant mats, is to sell in multiple stack sizes. I sell dusts in stacks of 20, 10, and 5. Levelers and enchanters buy the 20 and 10, the guy who wants his buddy to enchant a scroll for him buys the 5. Very important. Also, sell lesser and greater versions of each essence. Lessers are usually worth more.

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