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Making Munie is a wow gold blog which focuses on Munie making the monies! This is a journal blog which has caught my eye as another example of how one player is marching towards the one million gold mark. Munie's businesses are spread out and very organized, bringing in approximately 30,000 gold per week.

What really made me enjoy this blog though is the level of detail... I mean just look at this post on Saronite Ore, what more can you add to it? Oh there is one thing, Munie suggested to vendor saronite ore after turning it into bars if you find it below 12 gold 50 silver, but I would urge Munie to make use of an alchemist and transmute into titanium bars.

One more thing to note is that Munie has had some road blocks on the quest for making gold... blizzard seems to not like it when players amass too much gold!

Great content and fantastic display of organization by the author, go check out Munie's wow gold blog!

6 comments: on "Making Munie - A Wow Gold Blog"

  1. Thanks for the info :)


  2. Ummmm...I just passed 250k gold...what do you think is bannable?

  3. Amount of gold earned does not determine getting banned.

  4. That is a great read, though I do wonder what caused the bans.

  5. Hehe yeah Blizzard kinda hates rich players :P I have no idea why. Have to agree, the tips on this blog are very useful and true. Awesome blog.

  6. I still don't understand why Blizzard would not want players to amass more gold.

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