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Just thought I'd share a quick strategy. I'm rather new to the whole gaming the AH thing so I'm still getting my feet wet. However with children's week currently on I figured I'd try to corner the market on small eggs, of which 8 are needed for the delicious chocolate cake that is part of an achievement.  I'm alliance and happen to know a great place deep in horde territory where you can get stacks and stacks of small eggs with minimal farming. Most people don't know about this because they drop off low level neutral monsters (who kills low level neutrals?) right outside silvermoon city at damn near 100%. Probably 50-60% of the time they will drop 2. They are the neutral dragonhawks. I farmed them for about 20 minutes and had 7 stacks..that's 140 small eggs. My hunting farmer is an engineer so I pulled out a portable mailbox, mailed the eggs to my AH toon, and switched to her.

As predicted, a couple sellers were selling small eggs at 999% market value. I'm talking 10G per small egg and full stacks for obscene amounts of gold. I had found my customers. I did a test batch of 2 stacks of eggs at around 90S per. They nearly all insta-sold, most of them by the other small egg sellers. Hmmmm.  I posted the rest and flooded the market at 1g50s and called it a night. The next morning I woke up  and had sold nearly all of them for quite a nice profit for 20 minutes of farming. I went back to my farmer and quickly farmed  more stacks to leave on the AH before I went to work for the day. Came home and my inbox was full once again.  So far nobody seems to be putting up small eggs in the AH other than the people inflating the hell out of them so I plan on doing this all week. I might creep up the price slowly to see if I can maximize my profits. Selling them 1 at a time seems to work best and it enables my product to show up pages before anybody else's.  Sure, a tiny bit of farming is involved but so far I've made about 400 G doing this (in a couple days), which is a nice supplement to my other AH efforts. 

Thought you'd like to know. Next year in preparation for this event I'm going to pre-farm dozens of stacks of these eggs in advance and flood the AH with them the night before children's week starts. I'm starting to realize that high volume, low prices is what makes a lot of money in the AH. I'm Walmart. Side note: selling the dalaran sweets needed for the children's week achievement, and even cold milk and mild spices is yielding ROI's of 300%+ for lazy people who like to do one-stop shopping on the AH, which I'm sure you know.

 - Mike"
 Nice example of taking advantage of the mentality of other players who THINK they are making a good decision buying you out to relist. Actually they probably are making a decent profit, but your strategy allows both you and them to make large amounts of gold for the time invested. Their strategy has more risk as well.

Don't be afraid to actually bake the delicious chocolate cakes and sell them as well! Should be worth quite a bit more than selling the eggs.

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  1. I baked and sold a few of the cakes. Unfortunately they only go for about 10G on my realm...less than what I make selling 8 eggs to make them. Not to mention the time it takes to farm 3 mageroyals (or AH them..the prices of them skyrocketed during the Children's Week event).

    The economy on my realm is insanely quirky. Your mileage may vary.
    - Mike

    P.S - small egg sales are up to 2G10S per and still selling strong! :)

  2. I actually just bought out all the small eggs and mageroyal from the month prior to the festival. I made as make cakes as I could with the materials and sold them. I ended up making about 50 cakes and started selling them at 50g each, after getting undercut I was still selling them for 36g each. Easy, quick gold, no farming! :D

  3. Apparently the reader missed my post I put up a month ago:

    And the follow up post I put up this Monday:

    Did you take my advice? I made over 4k, overnight and sales still are rolling.

    Delicious Chocolate Cake for 120g ea.
    Tasty Cupcakes 12g.
    Stacks of 3 Mageroyal 25g.
    Flask of Port 10g.
    Red Velvet Cupcakes 5g.
    Dalaran Brownie 10g.
    Dalaran Donut 5g.
    Small Egg 22g ea.
    Northern Egg 8g.

  4. Yup yup, I've been a fan of the chocolate cakes for a loooong time too cold :D

    Grats on the gold! Those are impressive numbers!

  5. Won't Cataclysm change up places, or is Ice's farming spot going to be untouched?

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