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Some leveling, some testing on gold strategies and some experimenting with the armory auction house. I wrote a dozen blog posts with many of them focused on reader emails. Right now my que is 20 days so if I receive any non-news items via email it will take about 20 days for them to appear. That doesn’t mean you should wait to email me either as I will have this weekend coming up free so I expect to write another 10-20 posts. I do apologize for how long it takes to get featured on the front page as I receive so many great emails every day and can only post once per day :( I am still (as always) excepting guest posts from fellow bloggers who would like to widen their audience and expose mine to another blogger’s viewpoints on making gold. Every time I feature someone randomly who didn’t ask me to they send me an email telling me that they saw as much as 20,000 extra hits that week. If you have a blog and want to increase your hits… what are you waiting for? Send me something good for a guest post! You actually get a lot more than just my blog linking to you as I have several article websites which will relink the post as well as other blogs which feature my own.

Castaclysm has been exploding from week to week in terms of subscribers/downloads/etc. Many people have gone so far as to say that Castaclysm is the best wow podcast you can view currently… and it’s only 13 episodes old!

I’ve started looking into how I will display information in the gold guide for cataclysm and have already developed a ‘player’ for it that can be viewed after logging in. Owners of the guide will be able to see me working on the cataclysm version in real time on a day to day basis. Someone emailed me if I was going to charge for a ‘cataclysm upgrade’ so I will state once again that no I will not charge for the cataclysm patches to my guide.

Gold making wise I started seriously moving into the uncommon gem market and low and behold it's still worth tons of gold. The saronite shuffle is not dead at all... I just turn the uncommon gems into cut versions for 4-10 gold each! Get a perfect and it's worth 8-15 gold. While moving into uncommon gems I also got back into transmuting meta gems which although no where near as good as they used to be 6 months ago are still returning about 75% investment after cutting them.

What the hell is with the lichbloom, icethorn and adder's tongue prices? Every day they have been skyrocketing... it must be the mobile auction house or else blizzard has just banned every gold farmer on my server! Saronite ore is pretty high as well, but I've managed to snag a good amount for 15-17 gold a stack even though most of the time it sits at 20+ gold. Surprisingly things like borean leather have not gone up, so leg armor kits are selling for the usual profit margins.

Real Life
I’ve been getting back into running daily and it really does give me a second wind… which I totally need right now with how stretched I am working on my various projects. My mom had to have a surgery which she got through this week and that was a major relief. Going to head to her house this weekend to help take care of her house for her.

Working on making a Mario brothers clone that I’m really excited about creating the engine for. I will also be sure to create an engine which is simple to make maps for (using arrays of points to track blocks, enemies, etc). I’ve created Mario clones in QBasic, C++/OpenGL, and flash action scripts so I have a pretty good handle on what’s needed to make a unit mimic Mario’s movement mechanics. Hopefully I will have enough experience with the editor to start a separate blog on it.

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  1. I want to believe the removal of bots/chinese farmers on my server is responsible for the spike in nearly any herb type on the market. I've noticed this trend even well before the remote auction had reached our server.

  2. I agree, I've noticed the same thing on my european realm. They must have beefed up the Warden program, because nothing short of the complete disappearance of bot-farmers can explain the ore and herb prices we have been seeing this past month.

  3. Its happened on my server as well. Up until about a month ago I was able to buy almost unlimited amounts of saronite for 13g/stack and lichbloom for 20g/stack. Then suddenly the supply vanished, like a valve was cut off.

    Now saronite ore runs from 18g to 25g a stack and lichbloom at an outrageous 65g/stack most of the time.

    I keep waiting for prices to return to 'normal', but its been about 5 weeks now and lichbloom has only come down a little bit.

  4. I suspect the warden too, the increase in prices seems to have corresponded with the cessation of ranks of identical lvl 1 characters spelling out web sites in SW.

    Another option is that they've been collecting farmer names for a while, and tracking connections between accounts, and then scooped in the whole thing at once

    Instead we get 4 bears, hunters pets, whose names in sequence spell out a message, who are parked in a row. their lvl 1 hunters are hidden.

    Giving pets to lvl 1 hunters WAS probably a good thing to do, ... but ...

  5. On burning Legion there are barely any herbs and the few stacks that are up are at around 300%. its ridiculous ive had to stop making glyphs and thats been hurting me

  6. Demon Soul as well, absolutely no herbs up for less than 25g/stack (icethorn) or 60g/stack (lichbloom). Which is really messed up because I had 3 bank tabs full of 10g/stack icethorn about a month and a half ago, just recently ran out and my glyph business is burned out because of it.

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