Markco's Corner - Stockpiling Too Soon?

I got an email from Bigjimm of Phase 3 Profit who had a post on spending gold before cataclysm and asked me to respond. In his article, BigJimm addressed the posts I made regarding stocking up for cataclysm now rather than later. He brought up some good points, the first of which being that it is REALLY early to be stockpiling for cataclysm and I totally agree. However, if you really want to kick butt in cataclysm you are going to want to start saving up items now because I'm sure you will be absolutely astounded when you run out of old world and bc items regardless of how many you stockpiled. Especially enchants for leveling toons, you wait and see how crazy those fly off the auction house! That being said, everything should be done in moderation; you don't want to completely destroy all your current money making efforts or completely drain your coffers preparing for cataclysm. I like to think that about 10% of my income will go into investing for cataclysm and that I will hopefully see a 150% to 300% return on investment.

So what should you do if you have lots of gold and don't want to spend it all preparing for the inevitable inflation? Bigjimm suggested spending it on experience. That is actually a really good thing to spend it on! One thing I suggest is to buy pve runs for your gathering toons to get them 310% speed mounts. I've seen these hard mode runs go for 30k gold per toon on my server and this is definitely something that will quickly pay for itself if you farm consistently on the character, especially if you are a deathknight or paladin (I'm so jealous of you guys!). I like the idea of remembering to enjoy wrath before you lose it, so be sure to do just that with your hard earned gold!


With everything I do in a day sometimes it's hard to remember that I need to play wow in order to keep my blog current and interesting! The mage is leveling at a slower pace than I'd like and I have not spent my original 1 hour a day playing at all this week. I think I had one day that I even played on the auction house and that was to just empty my mail on my bank alt before doing dungeons on the mage. I hope to have more time next week to play. Thunderer and Jhaman both think that having a guild for castaclysm while we level is a good idea, so I may set that up next week. Stay tuned!

Real Life

Recovering from some kind of stomach virus that was not too pretty. If you heard me on Castaclysm this past week I did not sound too good and to make matters worse I even got my girlfriend sick! I am a terrible boyfriend :(. Also I'm hoping to get back to running as I haven't since a few days after the 10 miler in Philadelphia. I spent some time on the gold guide this week programming what will be the cataclysm page as I felt that the current wotlk version's layout is not what I really envisioned for the guide. I plan on having a single php page which will display all of the guide from that one location thanks to a series of controls which will help readers navigate between chapters and their pages. I think everyone will appreciate having the chapters broken up into multiple pages instead of the giant html screens they currently encompass. A demo of what I have planned is currently available when you log into the guide.

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  1. I can't remember where I read it, and am not in a position to look for it now. But in the last week or so there was a blue post.

    They don't like how people stop riding their preferred mount once they get a 310%. The post said that in Cataclysm all mounts would become 310% .

    That being said, there's still months for them to change their minds. The most likely change from my point of view would be if they stole code from the Celestial steed, which flies at 280% unless you own a 310%, when it will upgrade its speed. I can see them upping all your very swift mounts ONLY if you already have a 310%. in that case it would be worth getting one now for your gatherer. I'm desperately hoping druid's swift flight form gets upgraded too.

  2. As far as mounts go, Blizz has stated that all mounts will become 310% speed regardless of where they came from. They weren't specific, that I remember at least, if you'll have to train another level of riding or if you just "get" the speed increase. So unless you really want a proto or the experience, don't spend 30k just for a 310 mount. You'll have several come Cata.

  3. There have been blue posts hinting that you will be able to buy 310% mounts at lv 85 in Cataclysm, so that might not be the best investment.

  4. As I recall, it was a post saying that 310% speed would be a new flying skill trainable at 85. At which point, I decided, with considerable relief, not to even ATTEMPT doing the last achievement of Children's Week in the BG's for my alt.

  5. I think perhaps preping for cata needs more thought. My thinking is that mid-level stuff is going to be in much great demand as people burn through the 30-60 levels so quickly, and their profs can't keep up. Now, maybe they will change all this in cata, but my guess is that any change they do won't be enough. So, i'm taking advantage of good deals that i see here and there and stocking up.

  6. Markco,

    I would like to get your opinion on this strat, since you say to spend 10% of my income investing in mats... so here is my plan.

    My current bank-alt (first one) is coming up on his first 20K gold. While that is sometimes less than people make in a week (I know a few who have made almost that much in a DAY)... my plan is to take 10K of that, and send it to another toon. This toon will have to SOLE purpose of buying mats to store.

    This does two things... it gives me a place to stock all these mats without using up my current bank-storage, and it lets me budget what I am buying. I will only be spending 10K on mats (for THAT toon).

    Once my original bank-alt is back up to 20K, I will send 10K off to another toon for purchasing. The idea is that each tool will have a specialty... so that I can give them the 32 slot bags for faster trips to the AH in that first week.

    Can you provide any feedback on this strat? Does it sound like something worth doing, or is there a glaring hole that I am missing?

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