The Most Expensive Items You Will Find Leveling 1-80

Epic Shields

With no BOA shields available these items can fetch a ridiculous amount of gold on the auction house. In fact even green/blue shields can sell for decent amounts. Level 15 shields going for 7 to 10 gold are not unheard of.

Useful Recipes for Making Gold or Power Leveling Professions

This would include items such as the recipe for building mechanical squirrels.


Self explanatory :)

Wool Cloth

On most servers the horde will part upwards of 20 gold for a single stack of wool cloth. Alliance unfortunately have to deal with having the best location for gathering wool cloth in Stormwind. You can turn this disadvantage into a money making opportunity if you cross server trade.


Any gem past tigerseye/malachite will go for over 5 gold and some reach as high as 15-20 gold each.

3 comments: on "The Most Expensive Items You Will Find Leveling 1-80"

  1. Golden Draenite as well.

    These are never on the AH and a tailor needs 4 to make the first flying carpet. They sell easy for 25-35g EACH due to the limited supply and lack of outlands materials.

  2. Epic and rare BC gems are vendor trash as far as I can tell.

  3. Oh, thanks for the tip Cold. No wonder I see my competitors selling Golden Draenite for as high as 100g, when I usually sell them for 7-10g...

    I only sold them at that price because I sold all the other 300-350 green gems for the same price!

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