No Items on Vendor Scan with Auctioneer

"Hello Markco, I have read your blog for quite some time now and I really enjoy it. I got alot of helpful tips from the people on JMTC forums but recently i tried the '22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly' guide, it seemed simple, but for some reason it´s not working.. I do everything as you say but whenever i search under 'Vendor' no items pop up. I have tried to adjust alot but i can´t seem to make it work. Am i doing something wrong or is it just that there are no items to resell on my server?

Thank you for your time

- Migari"

 It is entirely possible that there are no items for sale below vendor price, especially with the way the game displays the value of items even if you do not have addons like auctioneer installed. That being said, your issue could be with your profit range, perhaps you should try putting it at 1 copper just to see if items appear.

Be careful though, there are several items which are (perhaps still?) buggy in the vendor search.

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  1. @Markco and Migari
    I too had this problem earlier in the month it turns out I had the AddOn 'Informant' turned off (Which is part of the Auctioneer Suite). All you need to do is turn Informant back on and you're good to go!

  2. It must be something your end mate as mine works fine though I do a quick scan first. Hope you get it sorted:)

  3. Just a few days ago I updated to the lastest Auctioneer and now I also have this problem. Nothing shows up in the Resale, Vendor, or Snatch list. I double-checked and Informant is enabled. I don't know what's going on with it!

  4. I'm on a high population server and only ever manage to find a handful of results with the vendor search, with the profit set to 50s. They're usually "Bid" items too, so unless the time remaining is short I don't bother (usually someone comes along and either outbids me or buys the item outright). Rarely do I find items with their buyout below vendor cost.

    It's something I check once in a while, but nothing to fret about. If you're just starting out, Resale is your friend. I made 10k gold in a week from simply flipping items. I'm only just beginning to utilize my professions to craft items for sale.

  5. I believe the vendor pricing is fixed in the latest version of the Auctioneer suite. They now query the vendor price from Blizzard directly.

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