What is Passion?

Passion is what makes something truly great. You can see just from glancing at an artist’s creation that a whole lot of passion went into his or her work. Passion is not something you can purposefully create or define but you know it when you see it. Sometimes passion is misdirected and used to create negative or useless things but it’s the passion behind those creations which makes it at least interesting to look at.  Passion makes a hero heroic, a villain truly evil, and a blog incredibly interesting. Readers of this blog know that I can be extremely passionate, both in good ways and bad. I’ve had my moments of passionate anger (sometimes misplaced, like my comments) but those are very few and far between. It’s this passion that makes JMTC a great community oriented site, and it attracts other passionate players of world of warcraft to congregate to the various websites which make up this colossal social networking center.

Passion makes something memorable. If you think about things you’ve read about online you probably remember them because they were created with a lot of passion. I think about the time I wanted to quit pvp completely in this game even though I love it, and a certain poster made a story about how my young orc brother got pissed at me for quitting. The story was really funny to me but it was also very passionate. Hokiejaybee I believe was the author of that comment. That wasn’t the reason I went back to playing and ended up achieving gladiator as a prot warrior, but I remember stories like that because they have passion behind them.

Passion breeds passion, both negative and positive. You’ll see after enough time reading this blog that it’s all about positive passion. I want to see everyone succeed and that’s why I have tried so hard to develop strategies which work regardless of how many players use them. It’s this passion that has kept me blogging for over a year now… man just think about that. Some five hundred posts later and still here… and still passionate. I’ve written before about how bloggers should never blog for second place because then they actually bring about their own demise. However there’s more to it than just the mentality that you have the potential to be the best, it’s about being passionate. If you’re passionate people will see it before they even finish reading the first paragraph. The opposite of this is true as well if you aren’t passionate.

I am passionate about finding new ways to make gold. It’s fun to me and continues to drive me forward into cataclysm. To me, as Sean and Patrick pointed out in their How I Wow podcast interview with me, the gold is not the goal, success is the goal. They knew it just from a two hour conversation with me, after knowing very little about me prior to that discussion. It’s all about passion. You either have it or you don’t and if you don’t then you should go do something that you are passionate about instead of what you are now.

What are you passionate about in world of warcraft?

  1. My passion is to demonstrate that even with bad equip or underpowered classes you can still compensate with skill and passion.
    Why should I continue to heal when 70% of the raid is already dead and planing the next try on TS? Because there is no defeat until everyone is dead!
    When people tell me "it is impossible" or "you can't do that, just give up" I am even more encouraged to succeed.

    Doing what others say is too hard or "not the best way" and still being good at it, that is my passion.
    In every MMORPG I always pick the least played class (heal most of the time), race and skilltree just because it is fun being unique.
    Yes, I leveled my priest with holy from 1 to 60 and never tried shadow...60-80 as disc...80 disc/shadow dual...questing is much faster as shadow, although I dislike it -.-.

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