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"Hey Markco,

      My main is Demox 80 Lock on Azgalor(PVP) server. Well populated. Over the past couple months since the new DE feature for dungeons I have noticed that there has been a significant decrease on the amount of the BOE greens in the AH. I know with myself having multiple alts I usually depend on the AH alot of times for gearing them while leveling. Besides the quest rewards there is no real way to properly gear for your class/ spec while leveling. Especially if u stray from the common leveling specs. So my idea has been to grind a few instances on my 80's and start selling them outright on the AH instead of DE'ing them. I have gotten a huge return from this. (Level 65+ Champion items sell for around 80g+ right now quickly!) So this has stirred my thoughts alittle and I have aquired a new toon with a guild bank and bought all the tabs(Besides my current banker :) ). Each tab is going to hold something different ie.... 1st tab Weps  2nd tab Cloth..... I think i will do this over the next few months till cataclysm and keep the quickest selling( Champion, Eagle, Bear items) When Cataclysm drops I will then advertised my own Ah of sorts and see how they sell for they should be in high demand with all the new and current levelers. What are your thoughts with this?

       Also thanks for the great community that you have brought together here! It has played a big part to my big spending in the game!

Thanks, JW"

Awesome email... one of the best ways to make money on the auction house while leveling is taking those boe greens everyone else disenchants or vendors and sell them to fill the gaps of other players' gear slots. I know that on my mage on kel'thuzad I am absolutely willing to drop 8-12 gold on a piece of gear and 20-50 gold on a weapon (since I have no BOA gear). Many classes also improve to mail or plate gear at 40 so that is a great point to sell those types of gear to them. Shields for level 15 warrior or paladin tanks using the LFD tool are also really great sellers. Basically anything that fills a void, even gray shoulders can be sold for 1 gold!

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    Did you see this already Markco?


    For 3 bucks, it's great!

  2. If you craft some of the stuff now, you can really make some money in Catalysm. Especially around lvl 40, as you said the switch between leather ->mail and mail ->plate can be a money maker.
    Level 40 gear is far enough that starting crafters can't make it(less compititors), and there will be a huge need for them.

    Although I do suspect the new Azeroth will be build in the same style as Outland and Northrend. Witch means a lot of quests, a lot of gold, and a lot of gear rewards. This might hurt the market for quite a bit.

    If you can provide better gear however, for example a blue instead of a quest green, and they get a lot of gold from quests, they will probably buy some gear on the AH. Especially if you don't make it too expensive.

  3. JW, thanks for sharing. I had thought about this about 2 weeks ago because I was needing tank gear for my alt DK I am leveling. I was wanting to try leveling through LFD and I noticed plate greens among other greens were selling for 80g+! I am going to save up all the greens I get from leveling and put them on the AH when I hit 80.

    Blinging WoW Gold Blog

  4. I never ever bought a single BoE on the AH, not on any of my now 7 80s and 6 73+ (I remember having some tailor make me the spidernetboots). I tried for some time to sell the drops I got but the hassle/costs to repost them was not wrth the few that sold, I simply vendor them. With the LFD and its bag of items as a reward it is even more useless to visit the AH for this (I don't even have a single green on any of my chars after they pass 40).
    I never understand why people buy green stuff from the AH anyway, I mean except for disenchanting.

  5. This is very realm specific. Selling 60-80 level greens on my realm doesn't work. After listing it 2-3 times and failing, the auction fees are more than what you'd get if you just vendor it.

    So if you're going to try this on your realm, do a test run of a few items first.

    I don't know if there's a severe lack of DE'ers on my realm or people are just cheap or what, but yeah, be advised.

  6. I don't know that the Remote AH is as awesome as it seems:

    "During the beta test, players can try out these features for free, and each World of Warcraft account will be able to perform up to 25 transactions per day. (Please note this limit will be increased at launch.)"

    Higher limit at launch, perhaps - but still a limit, which for most players would be burned up in minutes, rendering it useless (for the profiteer) the for the remainder of the day until the counter resets (assuming that "transactions" is a combination of purchases and listings).

  7. On a similar line, as you say most people just automatically click DE these days and if you look at the vendor price of many BoP drops they are often higher than the sale price of the DE mats you would get from them

  8. @ Wayne,

    Sometimes I try to explain this to people in runs. Considering how far Dream Shards have fallen, DE-ing BoP blue weapons makes me wince. DE-ing BoE blue weapons is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    I've never had one person concede and change their habits.

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