Silverpine Trick

"I made enough money to buy epic flying mount and training with an easy little trick.  If you are horde, go to Ambermill in Silverpine.  Type /target dalaran spellscribe.  He/she is a random spawn that will be in either of the three buildings inside the gate.  IF the mob is there, you hope for the black tabby to drop (I think the drop rate for the cat is 30%).  If it does, you can either sell it at the neutral AH or chance cross faction trading.  I sold all of mine at the neutral AH and got anywhere from 600g-1200g depending on the Allied demand for the pet.  Allies can only get this pet from the Horde, so the rare drop is worth the trouble.

Thank you for the tip Epistaxis! This is definitely one of those interesting secrets for making gold which the vast majority of players are unaware even exists! I know a few friends who camp a toon on their server for the sole purpose of farming these cats... every day they log in, check the three locations for the boss and if he's not there log off and go back to playing their main characters. You don't need a very high level toon to do this either, so if you have a mid level alt collecting dust send him/her to silverpine for some easy gold :)

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  1. the alliance version is the white kitten sold by Timmy in Stormwind. It doesn't sell for as much as the Black Tabby, but I've sold quite a few for ~300g each on the neutral AH. If you get too many you can sell them on the Alliance AH for 60-100g.

  2. This is an amazing tip! Thanks Epistaxis!

    Going to send my alt there right now.

  3. Thebrickwall said... May 12, 2010 at 6:24 PM

    hey I've collected about three or four of these, been doing this for awhile and I just wanted to let you know these are the kinds of things I really like in your posts.


  4. The loot table for said mod has been modified, i checked with GM. After 3.3 the dalaran spellscribe no longer drops the carrier at 30 percent.

    I farmed him every day for 3 weeks, killing him 2 times a day, yet no drop, i reported this to a GM and he confirmed that the cat no longer drops from this mob.

    sorry to destroy todays gold making tip... go there if you wanna waste your time^.^

    ps, i would LOVE someone to prove me wrong though (screen shot with date or it didn't happen)

  5. This might not be true for every server, but the mobs around where the tabby drops also drops "Dalaran Wizard's Robe". When checking my "bean counter" addon, I've made more money selling that in the neutral AH than I've made selling the tabby. (This is ofc due to the chance of getting the Tabby vs the drop rate of the before mentioned robe). Remember, alliance players can't kill the mobs that drop these things

  6. @Harusame i just checked today and the spell scribe just dropped the cat carrier

  7. @ Harusame - people like you are the reason the waiting time for tickets is horrendous.

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