Success Story at Level 27

"Hey Markco!

I would like to say that your tips on how to use auctioneer are fantastic!
i managed to earn a huge profit buying, then reselling Infinite Dust.

I would buy them at around 75s a pop
I would then resell at 1g5s a unit, in stacks of 3. I was obviously overpricing people but the demand for them was just so high that i didn't matter!

I also stopped vendoring wool cloth which i would get from stockade runs etc. for poor sums of money and auction housed it, that also gave me a lot of gold!

i am now at level 27 and i have around 213g and i owe it all to you!

thank you so much!

Andrew you are one of the few people out there who actually sees the cycles of wow, in particular with regards to infinite dust. You have researched it and know the best price to buy as well as what to sell it for and in what quantities. You understand that demand for an item can be used as a weapon when pricing your items; in this case you know that eventually your 4.5 gold stacks of infinite dust composed of three dust per stack will always sell in the allotted time period which you post in, so all the under cutters can be left alone thanks to demand taking them out of the market eventually.

Good job :)

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  1. Buying and reselling Infinite Dust is probably one of the riskiest things you could possibly do, at least on my server.

  2. Making gold is all about calculated risks tho

  3. Stop buying dust and make it yourself.

  4. Cold he's only level 27 :(

  5. Wool will net you a nice amount of gold.

    If you are more casual, then Inscription has worked well for me. On my realm herbs sell for 20-40 silver each and the minor glyphs sell for 3.5-4 gold (Midnight Ink), so once you have a few minor glyphs researched you can make a nice steady income.

    I only spend 10-15 mins a morning on average and sell enough glyphs to make 100-200 gold per week currently. There are enough cheap herbs to give me plenty of inks.

    I have tried this on a few realms and it has always brought good results.

    The margins on the Lions Ink minor glyphs can be quite variable however. You just have to be patient.

  6. i remember when i was lvl 30 (got wow at the beginning of WOLK, by the time i hit 30 i was at 900g and buying peoples titansteel CD's

  7. he wrote 1g5s a pop so that comes to 3g15s a stack of 3.

  8. I have to say thanks as well, started a character on the other faction and didn't send anything except BoA gear over, and at lvl 47 I currently have 2K gold, with epic mount bought directly at 40.

    I learned most of the stuff from here and from the gold guide.

  9. The one thing I would suggest is to try changing your stack size. I know that stacks of 3 will sell for 1.5g each... but try selling stacks of 12 at 2g each. If you find that it doesn't sell as well... just go back to stacks of 3.

    The reason that I sell my dust in stacks of 12, is that that is the exact stack-size needed for Berserking ( Dust is typically between 1g and 1g25s on my server... if the lowest price is 1g, I can EASILY sell the dust for 2g. If the price is 1g25s I have sold dust for as much as 3g (each).

    Berserking is one of the most popular weapon enchants in the game, and people are LAZY. They don't want to buy up multiple stacks... they want xx dust, and they don't want extra. I also sell GCEs at almost 175%, in stacks of 4for this same reason.

    The sheep don't want to think... they don't want to count... they want to be carried through ICC with their terrible DPS, and then when they ninja-win a decent upgrade... they want ME to hand them their dust (for as much as 200% profit).

    @ Anonymous:
    Flipping is almost NEVER risky (for any material) as long as you know the demand coeficient (how much people are willing to pay)... and you are on top of in-game changes.

    Know your buyer's willingness to pay, and then set your buy-in price accordingly. The OP knows that people are willing to pay as much as 1g5s for dust... so buying it at 75s is pure profit. Even in markets where the average price can change by 50% in a day... knowing that will make you THOUSANDS of gold.

    I can't begin to explain how much gold I have made buying flasks durring the later 1/2 of the week and end of the weekend, and then selling them for 300% on Tuesday morning. Know your market, and you will be 100% safe 99% of the time :p

  10. I agree that flipping is really not that risky, if you pay attention. The rewards can be massive.

    I was one of those sheep until I literally stumbled into flipping while working on my Insane title. Basically, I was buying Rogue Decks, and it was going too slow. So I started buying the level 80 epic decks to turn in for rep, then I'd sell the trinkets on the AH. And I made huge profits! I was smart about both my buy and sell thresholds, and when to buy and sell (buy decks just after DMF, and sell trinkets about two weeks after DMF, or when it's at the other faction's city), and easily made about 200k, just in working my DMF rep. It doesn't work nearly as well now, since the trinket demand is much lower, but it was awesome until a couple months ago.

    But it woke me up to the amazing power of flipping, and I use it in all sorts of markets now; high priced items and low priced. As Juicyfruit indicated, you just need to stay on top of the demand coefficient.

    I am too lazy to go through all the efforts of building an inscription business, or doing a ton of crafting. I know there's money there, but I earn so much from flipping that I just don't care that much about building up other markets.

    Bottom line is that people pay stupid amounts of money for things they could get for FAR less if they just opened their eyes or had a little patience. World drop vanity pets are another great example of this. I've made a killing from flipping fireflies too.

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