"Hey Markco, Iv'e been following your blog for several months now and thought I'd share my latest idea with you, I faction switched my main character to horde, but my other 3 80s are alliance still, I got to thinking and came up with what I think is a great idea, a guild setting made to maximize profits. My thought would be my miner/enchanter who is now horde could make a guild, gather a few players who don't have the time or gear to raid or just pug all day, and get  a solid group of people with maxed tradeskills. This would be more beneficial to the people with multiple toons with max professions of all kinds, but lack the reputation or rare recipes that would take weeks to months to get, you'd have a group of people with the works. Let me make an example, I go out on my paladin and mine titanium/saronite for an hour or so, come back and send my ore to the guild JC, get prospects for epic gems and have them cut into the limited supply cuts, smelt the saronite and gather the eternals from mining and send them to the guild blacksmith, get a few belt buckles, turn around and send any green quality gems to the JC again and get a few rings made, disenchant them and make some scrolls. The idea behind it would be to maximize profits from any tradeskill you have, that hour of mining that would net me as a solo player maybe 500g, has turned around and made me a profit closer to 1k, I haven't actually made the guild yet but I did this with a few close friends today and that was my result. Let me know your thoughts, god of gold =).

~Imme of Demon Soul"

 This is the perfect solution Imme for a group of players who do not have all the trade skills individually but when combined do manage to scrap together every profession. You are basically operating the same way many of the millionaires on the JMTC forums do, but as a collective instead of individually. Be very careful to set proper guidelines and rules so no one gets angry and to avoid any misunderstandings later down the road.

Good luck and let us know how you make out :)

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  1. As I understand it, he expects his friends to craft stuff for free (with his mats), so he can sell it on the auctionhouse. While it may work in communist countries, I don't see it work in a Guild of "friends"
    Most reputation based recipies can be pugged, even if you have multiple alts

  2. As i see it, he wants to put together a guild in which all the professions are covered so that everybody can use each other to maximize their profits.

  3. I'm not sure how well it work but I like the idea of a teamwork gold making guild.

    There are other types of options to that could be financially beneficial:

    Running say 10 heroics together daily, or instance farming specific mats together, farming together to control an area (fire elementals say). Lots of great ways as a group to bring in gold and also sharing your skills.

    In the outland days my guildies and I would go to Legion Hold in Shadowmoon and farm the mobs there. They respawned insanely fast, lots of greens dropped, marks of saragas, cloth and lots of crap. We controlled the area and it was financially beneficial to us as a group for sure and socially fun. Less horde issues as well:P

  4. Heya guys, this is Imme, first thanks Markco for making this into a post, ever since I started following your blog its been a goal of mine.

    Back on topic, i have made the guild on my priest instead (I needed an actual guild for my paladin since I raid) and its working great, about 3 weeks in now and myself and the other guildies (only 4 others atm) have made huge success, all my unused herbs are going toward our scribe and being turned over into glyphs, i'm supplying another guildy with a train of elixir's of giant's growth , so far in the 3 weeks i've made so much gold its ridiculous, and to the first poster here, yes that's the general system but you have missed the point, i get his services at my leisure as he also gets mine in return.

    There is 1 rule that has been set in my guild, but if you adopt this idea than you can do what you wish, and that rule is that you may not undercut or manipulate the market you have entered if its a market your guildy has let you into (basically, if my buddy has his runed cardinals up for 120g/ea and he gives me the cuts, i may not steal sales from him/her)

    Thanks again!

  5. I hate being a naysayer toward fun ideas, but I'm not sure how this would earn MORE gold collectively than all in the guild working as individuals. Yes, you have to pay for the use of a profession, but you get paid for the use of whatever professions YOU have.

    All moot for me though, I don't gather (dropped all my gathering except mining for smelting), and I have all crafting professions (minus leatherworking) at 450.

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