Tips for the Armory Auction House

Bidding before Reset

Contrary to popular belief, the armory version of the auction house will go down during resets... so bidding just before a reset will still be an easy way to get expensive goods cheap (if they expire during the reset).

Opening Mail on Multiple Toons

It is actually impossible to perform actions with the remote auction house other than browsing while one of your toons is logged into the same server. If you are on different servers then you could have one toon opening mail in game and another collecting gold on the remote auction house.

Cross Server Auction Comparison

Viewing both auction houses at once has never been so easy! Simply create a death knight or level a character to 10 so that you can view your opposing faction's auction house. This makes finding deals for cross server trading remarkably easy! You can even open two separate windows to make things even more convenient for yourself.

Check Auctions No Matter Where You Are

In a raid group and want to see if you've had sales on your alt or want to browse the auction house while waiting on a pull? Just alt tab and search! If the character is on a different server, you could perform auction house actions from the armory as well.

11 comments: on "Tips for the Armory Auction House"

  1. I am very surprised that wow is going in this direction.

    I understand that wow wants that 2.99 a month extra revenue...
    But look at this.
    I would pay the 2.99 just for the one click money.
    I think I have to get it...

    1.Bid on auctions
    2.Buy out auctions
    3.Create auctions from items in your bags, bank, and mailbox
    4.Collect gold from successful auctions
    5.Collect gold from unsuccessful bids
    6.Collect all outstanding gold with a single click
    7.Cancel your auctions
    8. Relist items for sale from your expired auctions

  2. Second comment sorry.
    I feel this will have a huge impact on prices because so many day cube workers will now be able to post and bid on auctions from work that used to stop access from not allowing the game.
    I feel this could drastically change prices.

  3. Could be beneficial in some ways that folks have the time to browse the AH and consider purchases for armor or mats that perhaps they never took the time to consider.

    Perhaps you will be people going through their banks and getting rid of crap during this down period.

    It will definitely be interesting to see how the market is affected by all this. I know my husband is very excited about the prospect.

  4. Don't forget the iPhone armory app that allows all this to happen from anywhere.

  5. If your bankalt is lower than lvl 10, it seems impossible to select it on the iphone app, and thus get the mail on it.

    Haven't tried the armory yet, but I'd assume it's the same thing?

  6. I don't think many will be utilizing the iPhone app till 4G speeds come out. Right now it just takes to long to search and post items.

    It will be interesting to see who will be willing to pay for this service and how much effect it has on economies.

    Blinging WoW Gold Blog

  7. My guess is that the Armory AH will add more buyers than sellers. I don't have any data to support that guess, I just have a hard time seeing people using this service to sell much, at least not on a large scale. Also, because it's subscription-based, I can't see people paying who aren't the more hardcore AH gamers, who play (at least partially) to make gold.

    In thinking about how I'd use it, I'd simply watch for great deals (i.e. some farmer posting a bunch of cheap ore or herbs). But I doubt I would bother trying to re-post my glyphs or flasks from work, especially when there's a limited number of transactions per day -- I'd want to save them for the great deals! Would stink to have used up my 25, or 200, and THEN discover 20 stacks of Ebonsteel for a nickel each!

    Given these crude assumptions (which admittedly could be WAY off), I see the result being that prices would go up overall since the good deals can now be cherrypicked all day from anywhere you have the 3G network. Good for materials farmers, but not necessarily good (or bad) for flippers and crafters.

    Regardless, I'm watching the beta with great interest.

  8. I'm using the iPhone app on my 3GS and it works just fine. To use a level 1 bank alt in the app just pick them to be the main character in the character list then go to the home screen and into the AH, don't do the view armory thing.

  9. quote: In a raid group and want to see if you've had sales on your alt or want to browse the auction house while waiting on a pull? Just alt tab and search! If the character is on a different server, you could perform auction house actions from the armory as well.

    actually no, it says you cannot use this feature if someone is logged in from your account :(

  10. @Vlakarados - read carefully... you can if the two toons are on separate servers. It's server based not account based.

  11. Nice idea, thanks for sharing the useful stuff with us.

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