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Stormspire in Netherstorm has two pets which you can buy from a local vendor. Of these pets the Red Moth Egg sells the most for an easy 50-150 gold, and the handful of other pets sell for about 10-40 gold each.

When selling these items be sure to post for 200-400 gold if no one else has any up there. You'd be shocked how many pet buyers are fixated on expensive pets, especially ones with no competition! If anyone is posting the same pets than simply undercut by 1 copper with a single pet. The trick is to maintain scarcity in order to increase the price at which you can sell the vendor pets.

Have you had any luck selling vendor pets not including cross faction?

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  1. Something worth mentioning is that there is an inn keeper at the stormspire. So if you have a mage, or a toon that doesn't move around too much you can set your hearth there for very easy access.

  2. since seeing the first post about vender pet selling i have sold so many its unreal,As always a big thanks for the info. you make my life less boring!. "For the Hord"

  3. I have looked at selling these pets a few times, but when I checked the AH prices, there were 10-20 of each listed BELOW the cost from the vendor (20g to buy mana wyrmling and 8g to buy dragonhawk). I guess someone couldn't sell them and was just dumping what they had.

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