100k In the Month of May

I like the sound of that title haha. Here's how one reader of JMTC, Charles, made 100k gold in the month of may...

"I made at least 100k in the month of may:

1) buying arctic fur under 30g and selling horde side 50g
2) Titanium Razorplate selling at 2450g a lot this month
3) Titan Earth Guard Rings
4) farming frost lotuslichbloom, ice thorn, adder's tongue => flasks and potions of speed and wild magic
5) Saronite Swordbreakers and Dps wrist
6) buying cloth alliance side and selling horde side
7) crafting gems horde side and selling alliance side
8) Thank you Markco for all your gold tips"

Even though Charles sold a lot of high level epics, I would have to assume that the vast majority of his money came from cross server trading. Something as simple as buying 30 gold arctic furs and reselling for 50 gold on the other side makes a huge difference if you do it every single day. Like all cross server trading he had to make some money on both sides, so that's why he's selling cloth and furs to horde while selling gems to alliance. It's all about finding the right balance and different items to flip between the two factions if you want to be successful like Charles in cross server trading. Here's a screenshot of Charles' work making gold:

 As you can see he's up to 300k! Grats Charles, let us know when you hit 400, 500, and who knows... one million perhaps?

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  1. I always wanted to get into cross faction trading, but I don't know how really. As far as I know unless you have a friend that is on when you usually are or have two accounts you can't do it.

    When I tried I found out that you're not able to buy out your own auctions even cross faction, but that was a bit ago. How exactly do you move things from one faction to another?

  2. With multiple accounts or friends. You have to be wary of people sniping your auctions so I would advise doing it during off hours. To be safe you can transfer inexpensive items like wool cloth, eternal fires, eternium belt buckles, etc so your losses from snipping will be reduced should it happen (it has never happened to me).

  3. I use two accounts and two computers.
    I know that's a lot for someone but compared the movies or dinner...the time spent playing compared to the cost of wow is less than pennies per hour for me.

    Get a friend you trust that you can talk on vent or phone.
    You need 4 main characters
    1 Horde Auction house like Origmar
    1 Horde Neutral auctioneer like bootbay
    1 Alliance Auction house like Stormwind
    1 Alliance Neutral like booty bay..I even ran my ally to Tanaris cause it was getting ganked constantly.

    Then you friend will need one each faction in a neutral side.
    Put up your transfer for 1 copper and your friend immediately buys it down...you will be able to post a lot especially stuff that stack.

    The most important thing is to be aware of the price differences on your server's both factions.
    You will not believe the differences till you see them.
    I was buying Primoridal Saronite for 1000g and selling alliance side 1500g every day.

  4. I've always wondered about this too. So basically, you put up your item for 1 copper (to avoid the nasty goblin AH cut), and then buy it immediately with your second account or friend?

    Seems really risky, I always figured there was a better way. Makes me want to hang out at the AH looking for other people doing that -- is that unethical?

  5. I have done it with a friend I trust. Basically we got on Ventrillo after he scouted out the neutral AHs to make sure there was no campers. Once we figured we were safe, he would tell me each item he was listing, and before he hit post, I would have it in my search window.

    Its risky, but easy to do if you have someone that you really trust. Just make sure you are super coordinated so that you don't get sniped by a camper i.e. use test items and small quantities on big ticket items incase you do get sniped.

  6. I used to do it with glyphs. One stack of each glyph, would take me about 15-20 minutes to transfer, if you see people standing next to you, simply logout and log back in later because they could be snipers trying to jack your items.

    The glyphs would take about a fortnight to sell posting once every 24 hours and then with the money buy out items like librams, pristine black diamonds, decks, primordials , boe epics and transfer these back to sell on the other side. I wouldn't recommend trading items that you can farm in bulk (cloth, herbs, ores) unless you're certain you can make 200-500% profit on them eg. wool cloth A > H or faction only pets, recipes.

    @ Michael
    Some people might view it as unethical, I view it as stupid. Not many people do crossfaction trading and most people do it in small quantities. You could be sitting there all day waiting on a snatch and even when you see one, you could very well be outclicked.

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