700g an hour - Iceweb Spider Silk and Borean Leather

Great farming spot if you have a mining/skinner who can pick up cobalt nodes around the spot as well as skin the trapdoor crawlers. You could swap mining for herbalism I believe as there are talandra's roses spread around the area as well. The point of this area is to get iceweb spider silk and borean leather, everything else is just icing on the cake. I averaged one iceweb spider silk per minute farmed, which is just nasty!

I use the silk for the four spellthreads on my tailor because sometimes there literally are 0 on the auction house. Check out this video for location and more details.

7 comments: on "700g an hour - Iceweb Spider Silk and Borean Leather"

  1. I dropped skinning for a second jewelcrafter. Skinning cannot make money as fast as a 2nd jewelcrafting daily to get a dragon's eye into a nightmare tear.
    Plus my favorite way to move leather is cross faction.
    Sorry to disagree with you markco ;)

  2. How are you disagreeing? I too love to move materials cross faction such as borean leather (that has become a necessity as of late) but there are times when there is just no leather and no spidersilk on the ah (remember I am on a very small server).

    Also, remember that the audience here is not all players trying to squeeze out the best strategy to make gold, some are just trying to find a place to farm and get enough gold quickly before a raid.

    Hopefully both farmers and non farmers will benefit from the spots I've covered on this blog.

  3. Oh how I miss when people raided naxx, iceweb spider silk was so common back then.

  4. I have a pet that needs leveling so this looks like a good spot to kill 2 birds with one stone. Don't forget arctic fur can drop too.

  5. Looks like a good spot, very server dependent of course, a couple months ago on my (very high pop) realm, iceweb silk was going for almost 10g each and I was farming it in the cave north of K3 like there was no tomorrow. At first I was the only one there, but gradually other people caught on that it was a ridiculously easy way to make some quick cash, and now the competition for farming spots is too high and the price has dropped to almost 3g. Not worth the effort anymore, better off fighting the bots over eternal fire at the anvil at this point. That's not uncommon for a high pop realm though, there are rapid shifts in the market sometimes. Glyphs for example which had been flooded and nearly unprofitable a couple months ago is a great market on my server again, as are low level greens which can be easily farmed from instances on pretty much any level 80 character. One of my favourite farming methods is emptying my bags and pulling an entire instance on my 80 frost tank, then deathchill + howling blast and loot loot loot xD

  6. Just tried 5 minutes ago with my skinner Rogue and noticed that the spider silk is a DROP and not a skinning material... so... now I'm flying there with my lvl76 priest ^^ leveling and making gold together is awesome.

  7. Hi

    just working my way through back posts as I begin to learn my way around the AH.

    I tried this the other night and ended up with 20 iceweb silks and 120 borean leather (a hunter there was looting but not skinning). At most this is worth 150g on my server and there are more profitable things I can do with my time, but I'm a great believer in trying things out and keeping what works.

    What I do have is a nice supply of the 'silks' for my professions that is non-auction house dependant and that is a plus.

    Onto the next post :)

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