91% Wins Dueling Record

Why am I so good?

I research, I practice, and I never assume that my ways are the best way to do things. Research is the #1 reason that players are good, practice is the #1 way to fine tune your play style, and never assuming you know the best way to do things means that you are open to new ideas which could eventually lead to you mixing multiple methods to find the best one for you. You can  bet your epic boots that I have dueled thousands of players like you and that I know just by your body language what kind of player you are and what strategies you are going to use on me. Bring it on is my attitude, surprise me and see if I can predict your moves and counter successfully.

How it relates to playing the auction house?

The auction house is constantly changing, so just like the talents of your opponent's in duels, it helps to change up your strategies and always be a moving target on the auction house. Never get comfortable, never assume your adversaries have given up, and keep switching things up with what you buy/invest in. Research, practice and never assume you know everything are the keys to success.

An example of changing it up would be with inscription: I stopped selling all my glyphs that were below 20 gold and focused on selling 20-80 gold glyphs, armor vellum III's, runescrolls of fortitude and off hands. My gold per hour remained around the same but time invested was chopped in HALF.


I min max everything and I try everything that I can to enhance my play style in pvp. The auction house is no different, if you can change your strategy to increase your gold intake by 5 gold for each product of type X, you bloody try it out!

9 comments: on "91% Wins Dueling Record"

  1. How do get your list of > 20g Glyphs?
    Do you let auctioneer make this decision to you?
    Or you can search it somehow?
    Maybe I miss this class in your Blog (great blog btw!)...
    But this is something that bother me around... how to make a list of what glyphs is time worthy.
    Thank you

  2. Either this blog or Stokpile's blog listed a good list of the 20 gold plus glyphs recently.

    Easy way of telling is googling Elitist Jerks or any other forum that lists the best spec/glyphs for each class PVE & PVP.

    You post those and more than likely they will be the top gold glyphs. Or you can search the AH with auctioneer, but you run the risk that a glyph is high because nobody else is bothering to post it although I doubt that happens often.

  3. @zim: quickauctions2 addon

  4. Are you still pvping as a prot warrior? I see from Armory that you have 2 pvp specs. I pvp as a prot warrior and as arms (but lately have moved more to arms, even though I'm trying to find an excuse to keep pvping as prot only). I love prot pvp more, but with the resilience change haven't found it as successful. Just curious if your pvp stats on armory reflect your success as prot (like the duelling record, for example.)

    Murrlock from Khaz Modan

  5. My success as prot, I have played arms only a handful of times in this expansion, 99% of the time I've been prot.

  6. prot is hard.. rofl :P

  7. I know prot is easy, I mean I may be one of like 8 people who got gladiator with it but it's still easy amiright?

  8. Lol'd so hard at this pretentious post.
    The reason you have 91% win is because you play a warrior and your realm is full of bads. Skilled orly?

  9. No anonymous, the reason I have a 91% duel record is because 9% of the time I play arms :D

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