Another Vendor in Stormspire

"Hey Markco,
I just watched your youtube video from Sunday regarding the vendor pets in Stormspire. Great video. I just wanted to add something though, that I noticed you didn't mention. At that same place in Stormspire there is also a "spare parts" vendor (Dealer Najeeb) who sells some "in limited supply" items.

These items include Adamantite frame,(4g) which is used for an old Netherstorm rep quest and a bunch of odd and various motes for fairly cheap. It could just be my server but I have really good luck reselling the Adamantite Frames for anywhere between 10-20g depending on the day. Depending on the cost of old world ore on your server, even if you have an engineer which I do, it often will  beat the price of crafting it to resell, or if you just need it for crafting stuff. Also I'm sure this varies from server to server but some of the old primals go for a lot of money on mine and are often hard to find on the ah, so I'll also buy up any of the good selling motes if he has them, for cheap until I have enough to turn into primals for resale. It's not a huge amount of money but just something to look into if you are already out that way for the pets vendor.

Skorpsy (From Ursin Server)"

Hey Skorpsy, thank you so much for reminding about this vendor! I used to use it all the time in burning crusade and completely forgot about him! Nice tip :)

  1. If you're already in Netherstorm I'd suggest checking what Qiff in Area 52 has to sell.
    One of his rare limited supply items is a Khorium Power Core for 4g 80s - it sells for up to 200g at the AH, easy profit.
    (Also sells various motes, flares, bombs and parts which may or may not be profitable depending on the prices of BC materials.)

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