Automating Enchanting Scrolls

Automating Your Scroll of Enchantment Empire

Korgath-US Alliance

Hello JM2C readers! Markco has taken his shield, and a very large pile of gold out on a romantic voyage aboard his legendary saronite plated yacht today. So I, Sovash, The Supreme Lord of the Stormwind Trade District, The Korgath Trade Authority, Capn' Cash himself, has been given the privilege to discuss a technique I've been using to automate my enchanters scroll of enchant industry.

Friends, like many of you, I have a scribe, and a jewelcrafter, and have enjoyed letting the profits roll in with minimal manual work, and zero farming. However, I also have a 450 enchanter that has been going to waste (minus the once highly profitable Saronite Shuffle, of course) for much of this expansion. I just couldn't think of a way mass produce scrolls of enchant with the same ease that I could mass produce gems and glyphs. Until a month ago, when I had a day off work, and put some serious thought into the problem, and spent the day experimenting.

Since JM2C readers are among the most wealthy, and most intelligent people in the game, I'm not going to insult anyones intelligence by giving you a 1-2-3 guide. I'm going to go ahead and assume that all you of guys are already employing these addons, and are already familiar with the industrial crafting method (as opposed to farming) of making gold in the AH. In the event that I go a little too fast and skip over some technical aspects of this procedure, there is a wealth of information in the JM2C Addon forums, that covers the basics of each addon.

Things you absolutely need before you begin:

  • Quick Auctions 3 (Curse)

  • Altoholic (Curse)

  • Skillet (WowAce)

  • Kev's Queue Tool (Curse)
  • About 5,000 gold to get your start up materials for one or two of each scrolls, OR a guild bank full of enchanting materials that you previously didn't have a use for.
  • A few free hours to configure your addons. Yes, I said hours. It'll be worth it, trust me.
  • A 450 Enchanter (duh), preferably with all the Lich King era enchanting formulas, and a healthy amount of vanilla WoW twinking enchants already learned.

Things that may make this process easier / more cost effective:
  • LilSparky's Workshop (Curse)

  • A Scribe that can mass produce Weapon / Armor Vellum III.

  • A miner that can smelt Titanium Bars OR an Alchemist Specialized in Transmute mastery that has transmute Saronite Bar to Titanium Bar.

  • 2 Mysterious bags, to hold your recrafting materials
  • 2 Frostweave /  Portable Hole bags, to hold your scrolls, and other things that don't fit into Enchanting bags.
  • Several thousands more gold to buy dusts, shards, and essences, so you can recraft what you're selling before the profits start rolling in.

Important facts to keep in mind:

  • A full stack of completed enchant scrolls is 5. You're not going to have a ton of free bag space, so be mindful not to go over 5 of any one kind of scroll.
  • One Greater Cosmic Essence is almost always cheaper then buying three Lesser Cosmic Essences.
  • Vanilla WoW twink enchants sell like wildfire, for upwards of 1000% profit. Definitely worth rep farming for.
  • Enchant Scrolls will not fit into either Enchanting only bags, nor Enchanting only bags. I learned this one the hard way, so you don't have to.
Above: A fraction of the time...

Above: ...For double the profit!

The Automated Posting Process
This is the hardest part of the procedure. And by hard, I mean time consuming data entry, that requires very accurate research. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up to possibly lose a lot of gold, instead of making a lot. When the profits come flying in later on, you'll be glad you were careful and diligent.

We're going to be using Quick Auctions 3 for this phase, and I'll be using Enchant Boots: Icewalker as a demonstration, using prices accurate to my server at the time of this writing, and the procedure I use. So go ahead and do a /qa config, and let's get to work.

  • Create a new Category called "Boots_Icewalker". Just keep it in an easily readable format, because you're going to be adding a LOT of these new categories, and it's going to get cluttered and impossible to navigate if you don't.
  • Set up all the fields as you see fit. There shouldn't be any 'wrong' values, except for "Price Threshold" and "Fallback".
  • The most important part here is setting your "Price Threshold". It just cost me 16g 80s to make this scroll of Icewalker, so I want to set this field to a value higher then that, otherwise, I'm potentially selling at a loss if there is a infinite dust shortage. Some people will set this to cost + 5% / 10%, others will set their Threshold price to cost + a flat 5g /10g per category. Use your best conservative estimates, depending on your servers enchantment materials market.
  • Set your fallback price too at the bottom of that tab. I set mine to three times whatever my Price Threshold is set at, because you never know when you might get lucky.
  • Hit the "add Item" tab, and click on the finished Icewalker Scroll, and you're done. 

Now repeat this process dozens of times to include all the scrolls that will fetch a tidy profit on your server. The general idea, is that each scroll requires different quantities, of different materials to make, so you want to manually set your prices for each scroll when their being listed. 
Above: This is how your QA window should look after you've got everything set up.

The Automated Recrafting Process
This part isn't hard, exactly, just a bit of a pain, as it requires a lot of alt+tabbing in and out of wow (if you don't play in windowed mode). To pull this off, you're going to make some very special macros. Start by making a new macro, call it something like Scroll1, and paste this into it:

/ktq queue n XXXXX

/ktq is the command to tell KevTook Queue that it has work to do, 'n' represents the number of items you want it to craft, and XXXXX represents the item id of the item you want to make. To get the item id of the scrolls, head over to and do a search for "scroll of enchant". Hit the "search within these results..." box, and enter in Icewalker. "Scroll of Enchant Boots - Icewalker" should be the only result you get. Click on that link. The URL you have in your browsers address bar contains the item id of the item in the address the 38986 is the item id that you need to finish your macro. So to keep a constant level of 5 Scrolls of Icewalker, the finished first line of your macro should look like this:

/ktq queue 5 38986

If you some how got 60623 as your item id for Icewalker, you were looking at the actual enchanting spell "Enchant Boots - Icewalker" not the "Scroll of Enchant - Icewalker" items page. The difference is that one will work, and one won't.

Now, repeat THIS process dozens of times too, to include all the enchant scrolls that you plan on needing to recraft on the fly. 
Above: Your macro should look something like this by the time you're done. You can fit 13 lines per macro.

Automating Your Selling
Now that all the painful set up is done, you can relax and spend 5 minutes a day crafting, posting, and profiting. All you need to do, is open your crafting windows, hit your Scroll macros that you just made, make sure you have all the mats / vellums in your bags, and you're done! To post all you need to do is open up your AH window, hit post, and reap the profits!

42 comments: on "Automating Enchanting Scrolls"

  1. I hadn't bothered with the scroll market previously because I didn't think automation was possible given current mods. Thanks for this post! My competitors will hate you =P

  2. The following five macro sets are for 360+ enchanting which uses WotLK materials.

    /ktq queue 3 28966
    /ktq queue 3 38874
    /ktq queue 3 38912
    /ktq queue 3 38951
    /ktq queue 3 38954
    /ktq queue 3 38959
    /ktq queue 3 38960
    /ktq queue 3 38961
    /ktq queue 3 38964
    /ktq queue 3 38965
    /ktq queue 3 38966
    /ktq queue 3 38967
    /ktq queue 3 38968

    /ktq queue 3 38971
    /ktq queue 3 38972
    /ktq queue 3 38973
    /ktq queue 3 38974
    /ktq queue 3 38975
    /ktq queue 3 38976
    /ktq queue 3 38978
    /ktq queue 3 38979
    /ktq queue 3 38980
    /ktq queue 3 38981
    /ktq queue 3 38984
    /ktq queue 3 38986
    /ktq queue 3 38987

    /ktq queue 3 38989
    /ktq queue 3 38990
    /ktq queue 3 38991
    /ktq queue 3 38992
    /ktq queue 3 38993
    /ktq queue 3 38995
    /ktq queue 3 38997
    /ktq queue 3 38997
    /ktq queue 3 39001
    /ktq queue 3 39002
    /ktq queue 3 39003
    /ktq queue 3 39004
    /ktq queue 3 39005

    /ktq queue 3 39006
    /ktq queue 3 43987
    /ktq queue 3 44449
    /ktq queue 3 44453
    /ktq queue 3 44455
    /ktq queue 3 44456
    /ktq queue 3 44457
    /ktq queue 3 44458
    /ktq queue 3 44463
    /ktq queue 3 44465
    /ktq queue 3 44466
    /ktq queue 3 44467
    /ktq queue 3 44469

    /ktq queue 3 44470
    /ktq queue 3 44493
    /ktq queue 3 44497
    /ktq queue 3 44815
    /ktq queue 3 44947
    /ktq queue 3 45060
    /ktq queue 3 46026
    /ktq queue 3 46098
    /ktq queue 3 50816

  3. I've also updated the Saronite Shuffle spreadsheet (Original: to include the previously mentioned enchants.

    The sheet includes the cost to craft based off your inputed prices for Dust, Shards, Essence, Vellum.,

    Since I just rerolled I only have vendor JC recipies. I have really had to focus on enchanting scrolls, and this sheet makes live much easier.

    I'm attempting to get it onto a goggle spreadsheet, but it wont update. Its an OpenOfficer spreadsheet, if anyone has a solution I would appreciate it.

  4. Fantastic post. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Damn, Sov. You've done your homework. No wonder you're always in Stormwind.

    I'm going to have to make the K_a_rgath Trade Authority clued into this. Thanks.

  6. Got a problem with this. KTQ works fine for me for glyphs, no problem.

    Take for example, icewalker as described in the post.

    /ktq queue 5 60623

    This will queue 5 icewalker enchants, though it disregards all of my scrolls, of course.

    /ktq queue 5 38986

    Just adds nothing.
    Total added: 0
    Items added: 0
    Items skipped: 0

    What could I be doing wrong? Non-english client, could this be it? Though I can't imagine why, the item ID should not change.

  7. Hej
    it's a great idea it saves a lot of time, and you haven't to check what scolls do you have and which not

    my problem is, the thing with the item id or the scrolls itself postet in the ktq line won't work

    i play on a german server an
    /ktq queue x (german scroll id)
    didn't work for anything of enchanting, even englisch englisch scroll id's won't work, just the spell id itself will queue the enchant, but then ktq doesn't recocnize the scrolls i allready have in my bags

    i also downloaded all the addons new, but the problem appears again;
    i don't know what to do

    i work with ktq on my glyph and gem market, but with enchanting it won't work >.<

    greetinz brainbug

  8. It is possible to automate the setting of the threshold and fallback based on the mats. I've done so, but not in a way that I'm ready to distribute. (A pair of perl programs that edit the saved variable file for QA as a side effect). This is important when you realize the price of mats will change several times.

    It is necessary to standardize the names of your scroll groups. It could be done more easily than the method I'm using, by using a spreadsheet, and replacing the values in the saved variable file for QA when you aren't logged on.

    In fact the most tedious part was creating groups that contained just the one item. I'm trying to implement a solution that will work with older enchants and Cata when it arrives, so it's taking me a while to try and polish it.

  9. Do you think you can put together a list on high selling enchants and the appropriate item Id with it? That would be amazing

  10. Wow. Excellent post and comments. Props to all!

  11. I had all this set up except for the /ktq macros. I didn't know you could set it up for custom items like that and my crafting process has been slower, with bringing up Alto, searching for "scroll of enchant", and manually filling the holes. This will save a ton of time!

  12. Notes...

    Make sure the enchating window is open when you attempt to queue.

    If KTQ is disregarding your stock, check your version Altoholic, I know there are version issues. Check's download of KTQ, somewhere in the comments someone list a bundle of what works.

  13. While I appreciate the time it took you to compile these instructions, there is no way I'd take the time to set all this up. :)

  14. Well Mr. Anonymous the only real barrier to gold entry is initial effort!

  15. Even with all of this, don't you still have to click on the vellum for each craft to target the enchant? I don't see how you can alt tab out while its making the scrolls if you have to still click for each one. Not that this is a huge stock industry like glyphs, but still annoying to not be able to have it automatically use the vellums in inventory.

  16. You can combine those five macros into one using super duper macro, which could be a nice space and annoyance reducer.

  17. Hey great post, I followed this advice, downloaded the addons and spent 3 hours configuring them perfectly, getting the pricing right and setting the correct thresholds and fallbacks. I was amazed. Auto crafted all my scrolls that usually takes me 30mins, done in 2 mins. Then Auto posted them all undercutting by 1 silver, posting took 1 min. Usually typing them all takes another 30mins not anymore. Then canceling is just one button, cancels scrolls that were undercut. I check for undercuts every 30mins. Also just get the canceled auctions, click post and bam I'm back in business.

    Spent 5k on Enchanting mats and I've currently made 7k back - Thats 2k for about 5mins work (and continuous 30mins re-undercutting).

    Thanks for the guide!

  18. "While I appreciate the time it took you to compile these instructions, there is no way I'd take the time to set all this up. :)"

    If you are a large scale crafter it will save you time in the end. It took me about an hour to download and install the add-ons and set up the macros when i did it and it saved me about 15 minutes a day checking sales and recrafting. So in a week i was already in profit time wise.

  19. Please clean up the post.

  20. Nice post, gonna give it a try when I have finished my exams.

  21. i cant get the QA to work right, i use it for glyphs but it wont post my scrolls.... please help, i followed everything in the guide too, and made all those groups

  22. If you need data on popular enchants head on over to theyve got the best enchants for every Slot. :P

    Btw Markco, GJ on getting this guy in to make a post.

  23. Where was this post one month ago when I was piecing together the whole process through forum posts, curse comments and random videos?!

    Great job, looks like it is well covered. Fortunately I have the chops to put custom groups into lua, I'm hoping Kevin's rewrite includes a more user-friendly interface for just that purpose.

  24. Hey guys, it was an early morning, and late night tonight (Work a morning job, and a night job), so I'll keep this as brief as I can, because I really need to get some sleep.

    - Thank you for reading my guide. if only one person tried it out, and made a killing on their server, then I'm overjoyed.

    - Big thanks to Markco for making our lives less boring, and for the blog, and for the opportunity he gave me to share an inside secret.

    - If you're having trouble with one of the steps, then please do read the addon's documentation, or the addon forum on the jm2c forum. The guide was written under the assumption that most people that take the mass crafting path to profit, already know the basics of these addons.

    - Tango is pro as hell for those macros, and additional advice. Thanks mate!

    - I formatted the article in google docs with tables, and a bunch of fancy stuff. Did not anticipate it looking all messed up on the blog. My fault, will not format like this again. I'm sorry :(

    - the first draft had about 5 extra sections to it, but markco asked me to trim it down a little bit. The parts I omitted were tips on determining your cost prices vs. profit, how to figure out what enchants sell, vs. what enchants never sell, but WILL sell for huge profits when they finally do, and some entry level introductions to how to do some of the more intermediate level things I mention on the guide. I may have trimmed the wrong parts out, based on some of these comments. my appologies. I'm a profiteer, not a blogger. :P

    - I'm very happy too see some commenters here that are a little more experienced with this process then I am, and to read their improvements to this system. You guys are the reason that I, and likely many other more people leave / read comments.

    - Fuck Gelvon.

    Good night guys, thanks again for reading the whle thing (despite the funky formatting) and the comments.

    Sovash, Korgath-US

  25. After you have queued stuff you want to make, how many clicks does it take to make that stuff?

    IE does it take 1 click per scroll?
    Or one click per set of scrolls of the same type?
    Or one click for everything that is queued?

  26. Nice topic but you could save yourself a lot of time and get the Enchantshop addon.

    It's written specifically for enchanting so all the data with regard to required materials has already been included for all enchants known in game.

    All you need to do is define the default number of scrolls you wish to post (you can set different quantities for specific scrolls if you wish), set in the options the individual prices for the materials and as the addon has all the recipe data it automatically works out the threshold prices for you. If mats prices change next week you don't have to go through QA and change the prices set for every scroll, just change the materials prices you set in enchantshop and it automatically adjusts the scroll prices. Then use the scan button to scan the AH for all scrolls and it tells you which ones you need to craft based on what's on the AH and what's in your bag and also the mats you need to buy in order to do so. Once you have purchased the mats there is a one-click Create Scrolls button that automatically creates a missing scroll each time you press it (no need to pick the enchant or click again on the vellum).

    Once you have all the scrolls you click the post scrolls button and it will post them in a similar way to quick auctions with fall back prices and profit margins that you set.

    The auction house window shows a list of all your scrolls telling you which ones are at the lowest price, which ones have been undercut and can be reposted lower, which ones have been undercut and cannot be reposted lower and which ones are expiring in less than 12 hours. You can then click the cancel scrolls button and it cancels all auctions that you could repost for better profit. Open the mail box, grab the scrolls and repost them again almost instantly.

    If you're going to seriously work at selling scrolls on the AH I really suggest this addon :)

  27. @Gus - I'll give enchant shop a whirl, Ill be sad if it's really that easy.

    @Sovash - Thnx!

  28. Enchant Shop

    My first impressions, much like a lot of you will probably have, is terror. I tend to be a bit of a control freak, so handing my 'mini empire' over to a new bit of software tends to be a little scary.

    Go ahead and turn of Auctionator, QA, KTQ, and LittleSparky's. Enchantshop does not play well with other. Untested on Auctioneer as I'm no longer using Auctioneer.

    ES seems really clunky right off the bat. Although there are some status bars, there's no bar or notification when posting and canceling are done. Id like to know when I can run away from Grimful to collect my spoils.

    I've manipulated the addon a bit and played with a few options, and I'm generally impressed. I assumed (bad idea..) that the scanning of materials would adjust the prices of posting my scrolls, then hit that post button. The end result was all of my scrolls being posted at absurd prices. A few trips to the mailbox (<3 you Postal) and I've learned to /es and adjust the pricing of the reagents.

    I updated the prices based on the AH low but Ill probably bump up to a more median level. What has me concerned the most about ES, and will probably turn me away from it is its speed, its lack of notification of completions, and the insane amount of bag space youll need to do your intial daily post.

    The server economy Im working with is failry stable, so I dont know that I will need the constant adjustment of ES reagent pricing. Furthermore, I dont purchase my mats at market price and nor should you. I have a group of suppliers and I'm still invested in the saronite shuffle so my prices are very stable.

    At the end of the day, Ill have to run off addons I use for my gemming and general purchasing, my overall posting speed will be slowed, Ill have to attend more campouts at the mailbox, and I wont really be sure when Im dont posting and/or canceling.

    If you have stable pricing on your materials and you've setup your QA and macros as learned in this posting, then I see no real reason to switch to ES.

    If you puchase your mats at market prices and your servers economy has large fluctuations which need micromanaging and you're not willing to go through the setup of QA/KTW/Macros, then go ahead and download EnchantShop.

    The time savings in QA/KTQ is significant enough to convince me to stay with it. I did, however, love that Restock button....

  29. Missed...

    /ktq queue 3 38953
    /ktq queue 3 38955
    /ktq queue 3 38962

  30. Just a quick question.

    Ive set up my QA 3 addon, set thresholds etc.

    But for potions, i post 4 stacks of 5 at a time.
    Is there a way that it will only undercut stacks of the same size, and not stacks of 1,6,9 etc ?

    Im probably staring at it, But i cant see it ^^

  31. Just a quick note for people who are having problems with KTQ and getting it to queue the scrolls. If you have a threshold set most times it will either do nothing or error will appear for auctioneer, to get around this remove the threshold (/ktq disable threshold) and try again.

  32. Oh, so I'm sure a lot of you laughed at me about the 'Restock' button... but...

    /click SkilletStartQueueButton
    /use Armor Vellum III

  33. For the life of me I can't get "/ktq queue 3 62256" to work, even though I've disabled KTQ's threshold option (and every other option for that matter).

    As an alternative you can do this, though it's a pain and creates more macros:
    /ktq queue 3 Cloak . Major Agility
    /ktq queue 3 Cloak . Titanweave
    /ktq queue 3 Boots . Icewalker
    /ktq queue 3 Boots . Tuskarr's Vitality

    It doesn't like -'s, so it accepts .'s instead.

  34. Update on the queue list...

    /ktq queue 2 38922
    /ktq queue 2 44463
    /ktq queue 2 38981
    /ktq queue 2 44449
    /ktq queue 2 44469
    /ktq queue 2 38966
    /ktq queue 2 38961
    /ktq queue 2 38974
    /ktq queue 2 38986
    /ktq queue 2 38976
    /ktq queue 2 39006
    /ktq queue 2 38968
    /ktq queue 2 38984
    /ktq queue 2 44815
    /ktq queue 2 38997
    /ktq queue 2 38987
    /ktq queue 2 38980
    /ktq queue 2 44947
    /ktq queue 2 38971
    /ktq queue 2 44470
    /ktq queue 2 38912
    /ktq queue 2 38975
    /ktq queue 2 39002
    /ktq queue 2 38962
    /ktq queue 2 38955
    /ktq queue 2 44465
    /ktq queue 2 39005
    /ktq queue 2 38989
    /ktq queue 2 39003
    /ktq queue 2 44457
    /ktq queue 2 39001
    /ktq queue 2 38993
    /ktq queue 2 44456
    /ktq queue 2 38973
    /ktq queue 2 38959
    /ktq queue 2 38978
    /ktq queue 2 39004
    /ktq queue 2 50816
    /ktq queue 2 38990
    /ktq queue 2 44458
    /ktq queue 2 38979
    /ktq queue 2 38951
    /ktq queue 2 38960
    /ktq queue 2 38964
    /ktq queue 2 38967
    /ktq queue 2 38953
    /ktq queue 2 38954
    /ktq queue 2 44455
    /ktq queue 2 45056
    /ktq queue 2 45060
    /ktq queue 2 44497
    /ktq queue 2 44493
    /ktq queue 2 43987
    /ktq queue 2 46026
    /ktq queue 2 46098
    /ktq queue 2 38995
    /ktq queue 2 38991
    /ktq queue 2 38963
    /ktq queue 2 38988
    /ktq queue 2 44453
    /ktq queue 2 38965
    /ktq queue 2 38972
    /ktq queue 2 44467
    /ktq queue 2 44466

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.
  36. This comment has been removed by the author.
  37. Sovash your my hero :)

  38. Hm. What kind of realms are you guys playing on?

    On my realm pretty much all scrolls are going for just a few gold over the the cost to make them, so it's usually just a few gold profit, same as they costed me to do(except I actually lost for spending time doing the scrolls) or a real loss in money.

    The ones selling for a nice profit are vanilla enchants, but usually not enough mats for most of them on AH :/

  39. Does anyone have an approximate amount of materials required for all the enchants?

    I'd like to try and calculate what i should be buying mats at to make sure im not losing gold on any scrolls.

  40. German client:

    Inteface\Addon\KevTool Queue

    Open "KevTool Queue.lua".


    if LSW.scrollData[itemId] ~= nil and altVerb == 'Enchant' then


    if LSW.scrollData[itemId] ~= nil and altVerb == 'Verzaubern' then

  41. Hmm, this is all well and good, but if your script-fu is strong, you can create a custom list of enchants in Kev's Tool. To queue all the enchants I wish to craft, I type:

    /ktq queue 5 enchants

    Further, the more research you are willing to do, the better. I only craft 38 recipes. They are the most profitable, most popular recipes in game, and those 38 recipes represent roughly 80% of the profit available in the enchanting market. To capture the remaining 20%, I'd have to add something like 150 recipes to my list, and greatly increase the time and effort required to stay on top of everything.

  42. My KTQ can't identify some scroll id. For example, I want to craft two Scroll for Bracer - Superior Spellpower:

    /ktq queue 2 44470

    When I run the macro. Nothing happens.

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