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Here's an email from another wow gold blog author, Iceveiled. If you have a blog or website or just want to write a guest post for JMTC please don't hesitate to send one in! You can also ask to see what kinds of posts I'm looking for at the moment, but most likely all I want is a tip for the readers here.

Right now I'm trying to get to exalted on my DK scribe so I'm doing dailies and championing heroics every day to accomplish that. When I'm out running dailies I'm picking herbs left and right, and even spending a few minutes late at night farming herbs in Sholazar and raking in massive amounts of herbs, which in turn is making me quite a bit of profit from milling.

With inks of the sea I'm making weapon and armor vellum III's and auctioning them. Hardly anybody on my realm is doing this and I actually can't have enough of them up at any given time. The eternal lifes also go for around 30G a piece on my realm, and frost lotus go for 40G a piece, so when I get a handful of each running around doing my dailies, I'm making some good gold on top of quest turn-ins.

Finally I'm sending a dozen or so weapon and armor vellums to my enchanter and selling mid level northrend enchants on the AH like hotcakes (30-50G apiece). People are leveling alts on my realm right now and want non-raiding quality enchants on their leveling gear. Hardly anybody on my realm is focusing on these enchants as well. All the enchanters seem to be selling high-end raiding enchants. I'm making decent gold catering to the levelers or non-raiders who want to enchant their gear but aren't willing to pay 100's of gold for the best enchants. Every auctioneer should find a market that's being ignored and flood the AH with product as the demand will be sky-high. 

I'm not quite the gold generating monster I want to be, but right now my goal is to have every profession in the game maxed. I am learning a bit about the economy on my realm in the process and auctioning everything I can. So far I'm up to 27,000 Gold (don't laugh) and I don't "game" the AH. Yet. 

I started a blog recently chronicling my journey to get gold-capped and have every profession capped. I'm also doing a "project tauren shaman" where I"m leveling a tauren from 1-80 and seeing how much gold I can accumulate along the way.I bought your gold guide, which inspired me to do this, so thanks go to you! I started the toon on a new realm without any funding from rich level 80 alts. So far he's level 18 with over 300 gold! As I reach my goal of getting all professions capped and really start working over the AH I will be posting more about gold strategies as well. 

You can check out the blog at:

Sorry for the long email! 


  1. It took me a surprisingly small number of heroics to go from 0/12000 to exalted (I wanted a recipe). Check how many Triumph badges you've already earned. You can buy 520 rep per badge. Random heroics after the first award 2 Triumphs extra. On the other hand, if you've friends to help, run Ahune over and over for 2 badges per boss. If you don't have to wait in a queue, I wouldn't be surprised if you got 40 badges an hour, or 20800 rep.

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