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You’ll want to collect cloth for cataclysm, people will pay a lot to level their bandages if they don’t have it up already (think healers). Once cataclysm goes live, bandages will be much more useful in the expansion with three different types instead of the current frostweave bandage which is a channeled heal. The embersilk bandage, for instance, will heal for a whopping 34,000 health and act like a hot instead of a channeled bandage. Healers will absolutely love this bandage for tossing out quick hots on targets in raid (the cast time has not been announced for this bandage but I'm assuming it will be 1 second) so be ready for a rush of players leveling first aid.

I highly suggest collecting the choke points for first aid: mageweave and netherweave cloth since netherweave is constantly inflated from players creating netherweave bags and mageweave is usually the hardest to obtain on the auction house. A thousand or so frostweave wouldn't be a bad idea either!

Right now frostweave cloth really isn't all that expensive for being the best cloth in the game and I expect embersilk cloth to be extremely expensive come cataclysm. At least double the current price of frostweave + inflation would be my expert gold guru estimate.

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  1. I have one word for you and it's not Bandages it's Bags! :)

  2. Depends what side you play, but for Horde, wool has always been the top value seller.

  3. Marko, what is your response to those who aregue NOT to stockpile old world herbs going into Cataclysm given that flying mounts will be introduced into old world making farming them easier?

  4. Nice tip Markco. I hadn't even thought about bandages. I've been getting cloth for bags, but will now make sure I hold onto some for FA.

    @Shane - Has Blizz said at what level we get to fly in old areas? If we can learn to fly there right off the bat (at level 80) then I would think your point/question has some validity. If they make us wait a few levels (or even wait until level 85) to be able to fly, then I would say stock up now.

    But then again, stocking up now couldn't hurt because I am sure there will be plenty of players (new goblins for instance) who will want to level their Alchemy fast and don't want to take the time to farm herbs for it...or level it as they go for that matter.

    Also, isn't a lot of the old world going to be "phased" for the higher level players? Are they even going to be able to farm a lot of the old world herbs?

  5. Even if flying is introduced "quickly", you can be ahead of the game if you have stockpiled the old world herbs.

    I expect there will be some limitations on high level characters' access to the lower level, remade zones.

    Even now, though, most herbs on my server (old Azeroth, Outland, and Northrend) sell for 1-2g each, if not more.

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