Crystal Focusing Lens

Go on your server's auction house and look up "focusing lens." I'm sure you'll be surprised at how much these babies go for, considering the fact that they take uncommon gems to make! I've been using these to help get rid of the oh so elusive shadow crystals which are not used in my transmutes so all I can do is sell them raw (terrible idea), cut them (not too shabby), or sell them as focusing lens (awesome!).

These lenses are used by raids as well as people just goofing around in battlegrounds and major cities. For some reason whenever Markco runs through a town he gets hit by a few of these. Kind of fun actually haha.

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  1. I can't sell these for poo. I tried this when you mentioned it on the podcast cause I have enough shadow gems to last a life time. I put up 3 of each kind and I think I sold one in a month. Point is these tips are good example of watching the market for little niches but EVERYTHING is server dependent. For example, Black Tabby goes for 150g on my server but Iceblade arrow stacks rarely drop below 6g. Epic Gems made me a fortune but I'm lucky if I can get 30g for Chaotic and Effulgent skyflares. The actual lesson in these tips is not to go repeat exactly what is done but to have attention to little details in the game that others ignore.

  2. I sell a lot of these. I post about 10 or so in the AH then i go out front and give 3 away. Great advertising! When people ask "where did you get that" i tell them the AH and they start selling like hotcakes.

  3. I always keep 4-5 of each on the AH. They cycle pretty well.

  4. When I had first leveled jewelcrafting (earlier this year), I made a number of these, and listed them in the 5-8 gold region several times, without any competition.
    After a week or so, I decided that no one wanted them, and it wasnt worth the posting fees trying to sell them.

    Milage may vary from server to server, though.

  5. @First anonymous: BINGO, you understand this blog :)

  6. I had to share these two images with you:

  7. I crafted loads of these while levelling JC and spent forever trying to rid my self of them before giving up and sending them to heaven via the vendor.

    Maybe I posted too many at once or maybe folks on my server (shadowsong eu) just don't appreciate their godliness.

    Time to experiment it seems.....

  8. I always have a couple of these in my bag. Great for locating npcs you can see on the map, but can't *see*. /target fred, /cast lens. Found ya!

  9. For those having problems selling these, try your hand at some marketing.

    Not just trade spam, but honest-to-goodness advertising.

    After running dire maul far too many times, I amassed quite a collection of Gordok Ogre Suits, quickly clogging up my banker's guildbank. Quite the novelty, but wouldn't sell at all.

    So I sent one to my main, used it, and spent 10 minutes dancing with people outside Org bank. And when the /w started rolling in, I told them .. I found it on the AH.


  10. What i've done trying to sell these faster, is a) buy out the low competitors, post up a load at my given price. then b) i get a druid freind to start dancing in bear form on the orgrimmar roof, then c) grab a couple of mates and my main, and start yelling 'OMG ITS A BEAR KILL IT!!!' and then use my crystal on him.

    within 5mins i will have sold half my stack on the ah, by 10 mins im reposting more on a bank alt.

    beware this is best done at peak/evening times, and a good amount of time has to be left between doing them. as not to wear off the new car smell effect of it.


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