Farming Glacial Salmon Pools in Grizzly Hills

Post taken from the JMTC Wow Gold Forums and was written by MadCatter under the "Farming Strategies" section. If you haven't checked out the forum here at JMTC you're missing out no a wealth of information.

"I make about 4-500g an hour fishing. My way to do it is by the INSANE number of glacial salmon pools in Grizzly Hills. On my server, the salmon is about 50g/stack, and I can get reliably 8 stacks an hour, sometimes more, plus lots Suckerfish. When posting on the AH, I post half in stacks of 10, and half in stacks of 20, and they sell at about the same rate.

Finally, the route: I just circle the northern logging camp. If you have Gathermate or something of that nature, look at on your map. It is completely surrounded with salmon pools. The only downtime you have is when flying between the pools, yet they are packed pretty tightly. There is also large amounts of tiger lily there too, and a small amount of cobalt.

Thanks for listening!

PS: Pools can be fished with fishing skill one, so as long as you have that and a fishing pole, you can fish there."

  1. Due to the amount of botters on my server all fish is about 5-10g/stack.


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