Gems or Bracers with Badges?

"Hi Markco,

it's me again, Luzianus from Todeswache EU.

What do you do to dump your excess of hero marks?
Most people buy gems for 20 marks each...about 150g on my Server...nice...but:
trade 60 emblem of triumph for 60 emblem of conquest (use shift ^^).
trade those for 60 emblem of valor.
Now go ahead and buy any of those bracers like Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets (tanks love them, but any other will do too).

Why I would buy emblem-items you ask? Every Emblem-item is BoP...every?...NO!...these bracers are all Bind on Equip.
Go to the AH, and sell them (at least 450g since you would get 3 gems for the same emblems). They sometimes sell for 1000-2000g.
If you don't want to sell them, you can at least equip your alts with these (tank-bracers are hard to find...took me ages).

Found anything else to do with these emblems? I am eager to hear your Ideas.


Luzianus (Troll Priest lvl 80 / disc/shadow)

-Todeswache EU-"

A combination of both selling gems and the bracers is the 'best' method as you won't be able to sell anywhere near as quickly if you solely sell bracers but you also won't make as much profit just selling gems. Mix it up :)

2 comments: on "Gems or Bracers with Badges?"

  1. i just check the ah and nothing there :D

    nice tip!!!

  2. for the gold i think it would be better to buy the saronite sword breakers. But i guess it depends on prices on your server.

    TOC had ilvl 245 bracer/chest patterns for all classes that are relatively easy to make.

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