How to make 1000 gold in 5 minutes

This was my goal this week... find a way to make 1000 gold in 5 minutes of work, start to finish, time myself and make the gold. So far I have been fine tuning several strategies to try and find the fastest money  makers in the game. Most of these methods make you a decent amount of gold but are limited to how many times you can use them in the same day. For instance, you aren't going to sell more than one or two of any rare non combat pet, but for many those are worth selling. I'm not including the farm-able ones that sell for thousands in this experiment nor will I include methods such as doing daily transmutes on four characters.

Here's the list of items I've come up with so far in my quest to make 1k gold in 5 minutes:

Titanium transmute, strange dust through disenchanting greens on the auction house, armor vellum III, iron bound tome, faces of doom, dragon hatchling and mana wyrmling pets from stormspire, wool cloth (cross server). The gold earned from these items is around 1400 gold (minus 500 gold in investments) and takes around 5-10 minutes to set up depending on how much wool, strange dust and titanium I use. I will continue looking for easier items to sell that yield very high amounts of gold for the time invested. I would particularly like to remove the titanium due to the crafting time but it depending on how cheap I buy the saronite ore it is a 200% return on investment.

Do you have any quick flips/crafts you have in your rotation that could be included in a make 1k gold in 5 minutes strategy? There are many many methods you could add to this list, everything from flipping infinite dust at 50 silver for 1.5 gold to crafting netherweave bags which yield huge profits but take 20 seconds to make!

Weigh both the time and the gold made in under 5 minutes for your strategies in the comments.

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  1. Interesting idea! Even though I've got nothing special to add to this, I'll be following this closely.
    I've been waiting for a new way of making gold for a LONG time.
    About those 5 minutes: do you mean spending 5 minutes in-game or a normal 5 minutes (relogging takes time). To me, with my crappy computer, it would make a huge difference!

  2. Flipping Elementium Ore, so many people want it for thunderfury still. Guilds will run Black Wing Lair and pick up this ore and think it's a useless old world material.

    They go to the auction house and post it for 50 to 100g because they have no idea how much it is really worth. You can easily flip these for 400 to 600 gold! They always sell quick too.

    So as far as 5 to 10 minutes of work, the amount of time performing a flip is usually under a minute if the you can find the deal. I am posting this because this does happen very frequently with elementium ore.

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  3. Simple. With inscription, make 4 "Rituals of the New Moon" and sell them for about 300-400g /each. Cash invested, about 100g. Time invested, about 3 min. At least this works on my server.

  4. What I like to do is right before raid night is go to the AH and snatch scan iceblade arrows for anything under 6g. Usually there are tons because people get in undercut wars with them right before raids and usually they are down below 3g. I buy all the stacks out and repost them at 8g.(Still in stacks of 1000) This almost always works and can be an easy 500-1000g in a few minutes.

    Disclaimer: This was done during the height of new content. Be sure you know local raid schedules and activities before doing this or you could end up with a lot of arrows and no gold to show for it.

  5. netherweave bags might take 20 sec each but i think it's not worth the pros/cons in terms of making gold quickly in 5 mins. On the other hand reselling all the disenchanting mats is because there is no posting fee(YAY)

  6. Assuming you have a Alch/JC you can x-mute a rare gem to a epic and then cut the epic into something popular.

    Turning a 15g gem into a 250g one would be a good start to a 1000 day and take around 30 seconds

  7. That would take a transmute though and I'm not including those in this post. It's true though that epic gem transmutes is one of the best money makers in the game.

  8. Markco:

    Aren't you looking for ways to make 1k gold in 5 minutes total, including ah time? or are u looking for the best 5mins of work, without figuring in how long it takes to sell the item on the ah?

    Also, examples of killing a rare spawn and selling its loot, I'm assuming do not qualify, b/c it takes longer to find the rare mob usually.

    Or would these count??? :::

    Alt logging in and kill Dalaran rare spawn to get the Black Kitty.

    Or Killing the rare spawn in the Dire Maul arena to loot the Orb of Deception.

    Also assuming it needs to be an easily repeatable idea. Where sniping a primordial saronite off the nuetral AH for 1c, then selling for 1k wouldn't work. Or would it?

  9. Nice points Cold, which is why I tried not to limit this too much because those kinds of ideas I never even thought of!

  10. on my server you can flip Frozen orbs (x4) into Runed orbs and make about 50g for your effort.

  11. The_A_Drain said... June 22, 2010 at 6:38 AM

    Unfortunately those would not work on my server, Strange Dust goes for a couple silver each and there is always tons of it on the auction house. Same for the Stormspire pets, they hover just over the price you bought them at (sometimes lower)

    But I have found a few nice things to flip/create to make some quick cash.

    Frozen Orbs: These are sometimes 19g! Usually 21 - 25. Turn them into fire's and sell them on a busy night for 33g+.

    Enchant Scrolls: Some just have no competition at all, like 2H Agility which I can make for about 78g maximum, and then sell for 295g, and they sell reasonably well too.

  12. Easy peasy.

    Enchanting: enchant weapon - Spellpower 600-650 gold.

    Enchanting: enchant weapon - Healing Power 400-450 gold

    I usually have an alt with those same enchants priced considerably higher in the AH already, so when people see spellpower for 650 gold versus the alts price of 1337 gold 13 silver, 37 copper to 1600's an easy decision.

  13. It's me again ^;^ Am getting even better at playing the AH now. Now my average per day when I log in is 1600g :D I've got my epic mount and will next be leveling up my enchanting. (stuck at level 60 stuff)

    Working as fast as I can to make as much gold as I can to level the enchanting up before the new expansion comes out. I read on another blog that some enchanting spells are going to be changed. Meaning if people haven't stocked up on mats they are going to be buying.. from us!

    The same with tailoring, herbalism and blacksmithing if I remember correctly. So stock of on ores, cloth & herbs!!

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