How to Use the Snatch Tool

You can’t ungold cap someone. You can make their profits smaller and take away market appeal, but you will be hard pressed to battle someone on the auction house and cause them to lose gold. There are ways to compete with opponents but you won’t be blowing them out of the water the way you can in the real world. This is largely due to the lack of quality disparity among goods. Since you can’t make a better product, all you can do is change the price, quantity, and time of posting.

There is a strategy however which allows you to compete with your auction house brethren and push markets  into more profitable ranges. What you do is run a normal auction house scan with auctioneer (use the little blue double arrow for a fast scan) and then go into searches (right click the yellow magnifying glass) and select snatch. Within the snatch tool you can set values which you’d like to buy items for (remember they are based on individual item prices) and then click search to see if any items were found within your purchase range from the previous auctioneer scan.

Keep in mind that you must have something to search in order for scan to work. You cannot run snatch without performing a scan first and every snatch search until the next scan will rely on this old information.


Step 1: Run a fast scan.
Step 2: Set saronite ore to 85 silver (17 gold a stack) and hit snatch.
Step 3: If saronite appears for bid or buyout at 85 silver or less than it will appear on the snatch screen.
Step 4: Select purchase for each and confirm your decisions.
Step 5: Go to the mail and collect your items (if you bought anything out)
Step 6: Prospect your saronite or make some bars for transmutes or w/e you want to use it for!

It’s that easy!

One more tip, once you add an item to snatch it stays there every time you log on and you will need to change the values if market prices change.

11 comments: on "How to Use the Snatch Tool"

  1. Is using a fixed gold amount better to use than a percentage? If so, why?

  2. Markco I said before that your 22 steps to auctioneer completely changed how I play the game and it took me from 60k->320k.
    Please could you do a 22 steps to QA3 where we set up groups, fallback, threshold.
    You rule from your primodial saronite plated throne.

  3. Does the purchase all feature work for Snatch in Auctioneer? Using [Ctrl][Alt][Shift] while clicking purchase will "Purchase all", but I can't remember off the top of my head if it works for Snatch like it does for the other settings. I am pretty sure that it does, but I'm not 100% certain.

    You have to make sure that you don't have a blinking cursor in any of the boxes... (if pressing ctrl-alt-shift doesn't changed the "Purchase" button to "Purchase All", press [Esc] ONCE and then try again.

  4. Don't worry Rachaels Dad I plan on doing something like this eventually :D

  5. As well as this for saronite (and any other mat) its worth knowing the price you 'snatch' at if you are using the mobile AH. I regularly find that my servers resident gold farmers post their ore on around 10am server, and now knowing the price i buy ore at means i can 'snatch' even without auctioneer ;-)

  6. I love easy to read tip posts like this. Would it be possible to have one dedicated to the Arbitrage tool at some point? It seems to be the one function everyone talks about but no one ever seems to post a really good guide to it.

  7. Everytime I run a search with my snatch list the items suggested to bid or buy don't exist anymore??? It looks like it's searching an old cache or something... Any ideas how to fix this?

  8. anon, are you running a scan before using snatch?

    Try typing /auc getall or hitting the button at the top of the screen that looks like this >>.

    If you still find yourself missing out on auctions then maybe someone else is snatching them up very quickly.

  9. Have you guys seen this program called WoW Auto Auctions? It uses the remote auction house and alerts you when it finds an item on your snatch list. It's really useful for spying on the auction house even when your not in game or at the auction house. And the paid version actually buys the items for you! The site says its legal too. Check it out:

  10. Please get rid of the spam in the post directly above this one. It's the fastest way to get your account hacked.

  11. I also have trouble with the auctioneer snatch tool. It never saves my input. I've read that it has something to do with the -read only attributes on the folder. However, despite my best efforts, I've been unable to change the fixed attribute. Hope you have better luck.

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