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"Dear Markco,
I'm a long time reader of your blog and listener to your two podcasts(Castaclysm and Call to Auction).  I was wondering if you'd consider me to be a bad person.  Here's my funny little story.
After reading your blog about your little fun scam with Iceblade Arrows I decided to do it myself for the fun of it.  So I decided to make a character on my server on the alliance side.  I'm Horde till the death unless your talking about a night saber mount then I'm pro Night Elf.  When I started a stack of Iceblade arrows was around 3 gold for 1000.  I had made about 15 gold to buy about 5 stacks.  I found out if you posted at a stack size of 1 there no Auction house cost for posting.  Since then I have done a little magic and doubled the price of Iceblade Arrows and made over 100g and still going a bit. 
I was wondering if you'd consider me to be a bad person.
If so I'm sorry and I'll try to get away from the addiction of destroying the alliance side Iceblade Arrows.
Lover of the blog and podcasts

I wanted to cite this email to bring up Iceblade Arrows yet again but this time for a very important reason: You can be banned for being overzealous with the amount of arrows you post. Do one whole page of singles and you're pushing it... but do multiple pages and you are liable for a ban since you are detracting from the play of other players. This seems to only matter with regards to the ammo since I've never heard of players being banned for selling anything else on the auction house. It's ok to manipulate stacks but blizzard has cracked down on players for posting dozens of pages of individual arrows at a time. I personally do about 20-50 at most to be safe and not ever week.

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  1. This happened on my original server a month or so after release of WotLK with infinite dust. Back then it was common to see dust at 100g/stack and that was the norm. However people were selling page after page (up to 10 full pages ffs) of singles, just like now, but at a full stack's price give or take.

    A handful of people got suspended and/or banned and it never happened again to that extreme. Now it's just 10 pages of single stacks at normal price...

  2. I've found that the magic number for my server seems to be 25. I NEVER post more than 25 at a time and in reality I probably only see 8-10 sell at the most, I also found that on my server posting them at the proper price does not work, but I have turned around and begun posting them for 2g (giving a 1g90s profit) and they actually started selling, this is fine for me because the price is usually around 4g for a 1k stack, so 3 singles sell on the first day and I'm in the black.

    Got to admit though I was tempted to just screw up the whole market, but my wife (my conscience) told me that she would throttle me if I made people charge her more for her arrows (she's a hunter). So 25 is my magic number.

  3. I've posted as many as 300 singles...however I did so at 90-100% of market value, as opposed to 1000-5000% like others were.

    I took Markco's advice and started using the trick against the exploiters, pushing them 5+ pages back and for a fair market price.

  4. Definitely not an ethical way to make money, but I can't imagine getting banned for this since there is no violation of terms of service.

    One easy way blizzard could fix this is to only allow ammo to be posted in stacks of 1000. Easy fix but still nothing from blizzard...

  5. You will never get suspended or banned for posting single auctions, it's just silly to suggest that to people. Are you just speculating or do you have any evidence?

  6. I noticed a few things in regard to how many auctions you should be posting of single stack items when selling infinite dust. I got a warning from the addon "Auctionator" saying that blizzard strongly dislikes people posting more than 40 single stack items. The addon would not allow me to post more, so I thought it a good idea just to remain at that, seeing as there's most likely a reason. So if you want to be safe, stick with 40 auctions MAX

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