Juggling Torches for Gold

Character: Sankir
Realm: Anetheron (US)

"About 2 weeks ago I was looking for ways to make gold to buy
primordial saronites and I stumbled upon your blog, found it very
helpful and have already made about 23k gold. Although you may already
know this but I have found that Juggling Torches seem to sell very
well, they have been selling for about 40g for 10 on my server and the
only time i've seen someone post these was a stack of 40 for 400g
(never sold). Now that I have my pet and all my achievements for
midsummer I use my Burning Blossoms from the dailies to buy 4 stacks a
day and so far they have always sold."

Have you found ways to make money off the summer festival as well? These torches remind me a lot of the necklaces from valentine's day except with a limited supply which makes them even more valuable. Sell them earlier during this event rather than later!

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  1. I never understood why people buy the torches to juggle with. You can just stand under someone juggling and they will duplicate and both people will get torches.

    Unless it was fixed, last year we had 10-15 people in IF spamming them and was pretty entertaining. When we ran out we just stacked on top of each other for a minute and everyone was back up to 40.

    Even if they did fix the duplication of the torches it doesnt prevent someone from standing on you and stealing the torches as you juggle :P

  2. Since everyone can "trade" these torches and give them back after getting the achievement(common in my guild), you should hurry with selling these, since they rarely disappear (only if dropped on ground, where noone is standing or someone with already 40 torches in his bags). So more and more of these torches come into the world and less people need them (noone with the achievement will buy them). I bet in about 2-3 days you can buy these for about 50s per torch (my estimation...still good for lowies, but no cash cow).

    I have seen people offering solo-runs on Ahune for a few gold (500g last time I saw one). They take the "buyer" with them, kill Ahune alone (maybe with help from the "buyer") and the "buyer" gets the loot. Like "running Ahune for 500g" ^^ There should be more gold to make in the later days of this event, when even less tanks do the event and you wait for ages as DD.

    Maybe if you can solo other instances, you can solo Ahune too and make good profit out of this (at least more than with the torches in the later days).


  3. The_A_Drain said... June 23, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    The Huge Snowballs dropped by Ahune (not the sack of chilled goods, so you can get as many as you like) sell for an easy 4+ gold on my server, I threw a bunch at random people and tried putting them up on the AH.

    Now I don't throw them :D

  4. The extinguishers and honor the Flame quests, are especially in outland and northend easy to do.

    I just used 20 minutes of my time brain afking in outland to get the quests done, and in the end i had close to 400g more in my pockets. So it's easy Money

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