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Making gold and fine tuning some strategies. Haven’t had a chance to get back to leveling the mage on kel’thuzad but I swear I haven’t forgotten about her! Jhaman setup a guild on kel’thuzad called Castaclysm and anyone can join. It’s a fun guild for leveling and messing around possibly at 80 but don’t transfer toons or expect a hard core pve/pvp guild.

Wrote all the posts for the month and still had a backlog of posts for next month. Keep sending in those awesome guest posts, questions and tips which help me keep this blog going especially so late in the expansion. It’s also nice to give an alternate view for the readers here so feel free to call me out and disagree with my ideas if you’d like. If you think about it there really is no other blog on the planet pumping out as much wow gold focused information as this one, so feel free to help me produce content!

Real Life
I signed up for a new gym this past week and got hit on by the girl at the front desk. Sorry ladies but this magnificent specimen is taken by a lovely girl from new jersey. Looking forward to a big family gathering this weekend. I had an offer by some random company to do a joint venture with my blogging story which is funny because I haven’t really put a lot of work into advertising it yet and most likely it was a scam.

I’ll be gone from Friday to possibly Tuesday so I may take quite a long time to get back to my emails.

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  1. I grew up in Northern NJ no wonder Markco rules all.

  2. Cakeandtiger said... June 11, 2010 at 10:20 AM

    I would join the Castaclysm guild but sinc ei'm in Europe I can only play on EU servers =(

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