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So last weekend my goal was to make 10k liquid gold over the course of the weekend with a handful of hours of play. The ability to make so much gold with so little play time is due to the fact that I have two accounts going at once and working together, so I can basically work at 2x speed. Unfortunately I am redesigning/reinvestigating my cross faction trading business so I didn’t touch that this week. Technically I crushed 10k gold because I’m still making money from the materials I purchased during that weekend but from Friday night to Monday morning I made 10k gold net. I will probably run out of materials by Thursday this week if I keep selling like I did over the weekend, but that’s why I will continue to purchase materials every single day (FYI: I totally did run out of mats by thursday when I wrote this). Although I am spending upwards of 3-6k on materials per day (If I was doing epic gems in bulk it would be like 8-10k) the sales are crushing those numbers. So basically I spent 15k this weekend to make 25k and am still making gold from those mats. My real goal is to make 50k in a week to get back to the level of guru gold making skill which makes peoples’ jaws drop. In order to sustain this I will need to purchase approximately 30k worth of mats and sell them off in the same week. Another option would be to buy up mats for a week and then just sell them the next week to make the 50k but that’s kind of cheating! The most practical way to do it is to sell cross faction as well as on the primary faction in order to get access to more consumers and then transfer the money back through other items to the main account.

As of the writing of this post (thursday morning) I am at 30k gold made this week... if I push I bet I can break 50k for the week! We'll just have to see... The hardest part is that I stockpiled nothing for this week, so all the gold made is from items accumulated during the week. All it's going to take is a dry spell of materials and I'll be stuck gold making wise. Either way, I'm very happy that my gold making strategies are still alive and strong :D

The real trick behind this strategy is finding ways to sell off all the materials and sometimes I have to get really creative with profession mixing! Since this way of making gold through buying materials every day and mass crafting dozens of different items is truly the greatest way to make gold in the game, I decided to write up my snatch list and how I use the items I buy in chapter 13 of the gold guide. That’s probably the most valuable part of the guide for those players who already know auctioneer and how to setup a small business using addons like quick auctions III and auctioneer. The scope of items I purchase is actually incredibly intimidating, but that’s because I use every profession and tool in my toolbox to make gold. If you don’t mix the professions you simply cannot get rid of the crafted goods you make fast enough. Think about it and try to list every item you buy and craft… that’s what I did in chapter 13 and I included every single profession as well as all the items I make with those professions. All of this was inspired by a guide buyer who asked how to go from just making 1-3k a day to becoming a power seller with my tips.

Besides kick starting the old gold making engine I also tried out several user submitted strategies and wrote posts about them in the blog. One particularly crafty email was about a certain vendor item that anyone can take advantage of to make easy gold. I’m trying it out for a few more days and then I’ll write a post about it and send it to my little post que. Currently I have 21 posts written for this month, so as emails and guest posts come in depending on how valuable the information is it could take 3-4 weeks for your stuff to appear. That shouldn’t discourage you from sending me ideas on things you’d like to see posted however as I do read and respond to every email I get eventually. There's another 10 posts in the que that have to be written, but I've been really busy this week, sawry! :*(

The blog had longer articles this week than normal and I'm looking for feedback regarding whether this was a good thing or not. Do you prefer quick one to three paragraph tips or much larger articles like this week featured?

Real Life

Memorial weekend was an absolute blast, I think I thought “I love my family” a dozen times this weekend. Hope memorial weekend was a blast for you all as well.

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  1. I like a good read about WOW or goldmaking, that's why I also read (Yes, I know, they hate you ... but a budy of yours is posting there too :-P )

  2. Marko,

    In regards to longer vs. shorter posts, I think an even mix is good. Adds some vareity. Your guest writer(about the enchanting scrolls) gave detailed information, but sometimes its neat to read: "hey check out X vendor, he has Y's there and oddly enough on Tuesday afternoons at 6, they sell at 600% profit" and thing of the like.

  3. I think the use of longer posts is actually really refreshing, as a person who can never get too much information, I like the longer posts, but I think they work the best when placed evenly with the short posts as well.

  4. I've personally enjoyed the longer posts with a bit more in depth info, but I also enjoy a short tip kind of post if you're seeing something that's better to act on in the short term.

    I've been following weekly trends to make ~7k/week without a lot of effort. I'm not in very many markets, but just following the weekly trends easily hauls in the gold.

  5. I think longer posts offer up more value than the shorter posts. Sure you could have just said "hey I made ___ gold" (I know the blank should have been twice as big :P ). But instead you have given us a motive and a sense of what you are doing by talking about mixing professions. I personally like the longer posts vs. the shorter posts, even if i can just glance and get the gist of them, I read blogs to.... wait for it.... read. So I would love to see longer posts, but am also happy with the shorter update style posts also.

    P.S.: I am liking the change on Fridays, long live Markco's Corner!

  6. The more detail the better. Love the long articles. Keep it up - you're making me rich!

  7. I love the longer posts. Given the choice, I'd always take a 10 min read over a 3 min read.

  8. I like long posts and short posts alike. Just don't try to compete with Big Bear Butt in terms of epic posts. I don't have the attention span to read 20,000 word posts.

  9. Agree with the board, a mix of shorter and longer posts is nice. Just as long as the content doesn't get diluted by going off-topic.

  10. Longer is better. Ever consider making the e-mail posts twice as long? That way there's less time until people see their questions up on the site. You seem to have more than enough material.

  11. When I'm reading the blog first thing in the morning during my first coffee, I really like the short and sweet posts because my brain isn't fully online yet.

    The days when you post a couple of sentences, and a new youtube video are the best for for the days I'm JM2C-ing RIGHT at 8am.

    But when I come back later in the day, after I'm fully awake, I'm more mentally able to read a huge detailed post, and absorb what I'm reading.

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