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I work at a JCPenney's and had an interesting thing happen. We have these people from Pakistan (they told us) that buy insane amounts of salon products when we have the buy 1 get 1 free, buy 1 get 1 for 99 cents or the XX% off sales. I have noticed the same people coming in every time we have these sales and decided to ask them what they did with them. They told me they sell them on Ebay sometimes but mostly sent them back to their home country and sold them for profit. They could buy hairspray for $10 here in the states and send it to Pakistan and sell it for between $50-$60 dollars. I started thinking "this sounds familiar, why is that?" Then realized that they're doing what I do in WoW in RL. They buy on 1 side cheap and sell it on Ebay (neutral AH) or send it over to Pakistan (cross faction AH) and make profit. These guys are in the store buying $200 - $300 worth of stuff every week so Im guessing business is good! Just an interesting story I thought you'd like to hear about

Wee (Azuremyst - US)"

Props for spelling my name right and thank you Wee for the cool story! For you, the readers of this blog, have you ever tried selling pets cross faction?

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  1. Cross faction trading is a gold mine.
    Even if you don't have 2 must be aware of the prices differences in gems, herbs, ore, flasks, leather, and cloth.
    The price differential is somewhat startling at times.
    And its a huge way to make gold.

  2. I've done a little bit of cross-faction pet selling. There seemed to be only one other person occasionally selling the pets, and so I transferred over about 8 of the Argent Tournament pets and sold them for mostly over double what I paid on Alliance side. It's very handy when you can find an item that sells fairly well for a significantly higher price. :)

  3. I also cross trade mainly wool cloth and some pets but when I find good deals on either side you had better believe I am on top of them.

    On average wool is at 10 a stack on ally side and constantly 20 plus on horde side so I usually take a bank tabs worth once or twice a week over to horde side, I have kept a log on just the wool sales and have made 4k in sales in one month.

    Another big gold maker is the runescrolls on horde side they are right at 3 gold each all the time on ally side I guess due to the 3-1 ration of population in favor of horde they sale for average of 6-9 each depending on the day and the time of day.

  4. Hey Markco,

    I have two accounts and have for quite a while used them to transfer items through the neutral AH for a copper each time. This has allowed me to get cheaper items from one faction to the other for my use, or to get those items that one side has that the other doesn't.

    I have only recently started playing the Auction House and started writing a blog of my experiences. Thursday's I have started to discuss what I call the Alliance Project where I attempt to cash in on this. Early days yet but lets see how things pan out.

    If you get the chance, pop over to I may have news on how successful this is in the future.

    Take care,


  5. When I was in High School I worked at a Supermarket and saw very much the same thing.
    When Unspecified Cola was on special at the supermarket it was cheaper for small corner stores to buy from us that direct from the supplier.

    The power of controlling the market...

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