Preparing for Cataclysm

Thank you for reading my post today. This is Carbon from and today I’d like to briefly touch base about some Cataclysm speculation.

While I may be a huge believer in netherweave cloth being big in the next upcoming expansion, there are so many other markets that are going to heat up real quick for a brief amount of time. For the most part old world mats will spike (pre bc) as everyone is leveling their new chars up. A lot of the bottlenecks most likely will not become problems anymore with the introduction of certain items boosting you multiple points (it’s been said that they were planning on adding them but I haven’t heard much more other than that).

While thorium and the other various bottleneck mats will most likely still sell somewhat well there are a few more that I think most people will not consider or at least stock up on until it is too late.

1) Truesilver ore – this should be simple enough to explain. Rare ore veins are pretty hard to farm in abundance but all the ore based professions briefly touch down on this ore and if blizzard decides to add in the bonus skills I feel that it is highly likely that they will require more of the rare mats to somewhat balance it out. This is where truesilver ore comes into play.

2) While on the topic of rare ores we can add in silver and gold ore as well. I have never really played these markets but if my theory holds somewhat true you may be well off to stock up on a little bit of it. Worst case? It stays the same but I highly doubt it just because of the influx of new characters leveling.

3) Netherweave cloth – I know I mentioned there was others but I feel you can’t possibly stock up on enough cloth. I don’t want to bore my current readers who read both Markco’s blog and mine but if you’re interested on my book of thoughts on this check it out on my blog (it’s a fairly recent post).

4) Mid level herbs such as fadeleaf, briarthorn, blindweed, etc. will more than likely see a spike in price as well more so on the horde side (goblin bonus is alch) but could be applicable as well for alliance; just not as high of a demand.

5) Mid level gems such as citrine, jade, etc. since most (all?) the ore based professions use these here and there. Plus any new JC’s will be gobbling these up as well. And again – back to my theory on the bonus items.

6) Level 40 mail and plate gear. This is one for more of the risk taker and it could be very profitable for the non boa slots (gloves / helms / legs / etc).

7) Chest and weapon enchants for boa items – again, if you aren’t already in this market it may be risky because most people will have their boa gear ready pre cata.

There are so many more things out there.

This is just a brief list to get the ball rolling if you have no clue what so ever on where to start. Check out the profession leveling guides around the internet and you’ll start to get a feel for what to save. Buy low when prices dip, you have plenty of time to amass a huge pile of goods before cata if you start now while it’s all still relatively cheap.

Thank you for reading my guest post today on JMTC and if you enjoyed the read and want to stay on the edge of new cataclysm speculation please check out my blog and subscribe for future blog posts! My blog can be found at

3 comments: on "Preparing for Cataclysm"

  1. Hey Carbon (and Marcko too), when speculating don't forget to keep an eye/ear out for new information. Specifically, that in cataclysm there will be new boa's for new slots ( As new information may adversely affect your advice.

  2. No matter what do NOT stock up on leathers, the Worgen racial allows them to have a skinning bonus and not need a skinning knife- and chances are the prices of leather will plummet.

  3. While price of leather may plummet on alliance side - you could always consider xfaction selling it to horde.

    As for keeping an ear / eye out on new information - that's a given considering beta has not even been released :P

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