Three Types of Auctioneers that Hit One Million Gold

The Addon Abuser

These people are the most common millionaires in wow. They rely on addons like quick auctions 3, auctioneer's appraiser, and beancounter to really just abuse the competition. They also use snatch list or just standard search methods to find the best deals on the ah or through guilds/trade to reduce the cost of crafting their items. They tend to use all the materials they pick up from 'farming' the ah and everything is hammered into some kind of rational system. This takes a lot of experience and savvy addon use, something most starting players are not ready to jump into.

The Vendor and Resale Scanner

This person is less common in the millionaire scene but they are there mostly because they've put enough time in to eventually hit their 5th cap. Their method of making gold is to rely on auction house trends and auctioneer's vendor/resale scans. These are the people who can start a level 1 toon and make 1000 gold in a handful of hours played.

The Crafty Reseller

Similar to the vendor/resale scanner but different in that this auctioneer tends to buy items on the ah and then mix them up a little bit before putting them back. Unlike the addon abuser, the crafty reseller is not focusing on any one or two professions with their resale antics. You will see them selling saronite bars individually after buying a few stacks out, selling vendor pets for 4x vendor price, or any number of small repeatable ways to make gold. These players often have multiple toons with the same cooldown, like four alchemists for example to make steady income daily for very little effort.

Newer players tend to avoid the Addon Abuser and jump into using strategies on this blog or the JMTC forums which don't involve heavy profit manipulation through the use of automation based addons. Eventually though they gravitate towards what makes the most money the fastest and that is the proper manipulation of addons and buying out of materials in bulk for use by every profession.

  1. Well, I'm neither. I use various addons the way they were designed to be used.

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