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"Hello Marco

I have been reading your site for the past 3 weeks and already made shitloads of gold  using your tactics etc.

I also watched ur insciption market crush by adding glyhs from %50 price to let other  sellers buy.

I have a similar approach on gem selling and would want to share it with others.

It's mostly common sense with a bit of  foxy twist.

You know cutting by 1s or even 1g will get u cut in a minute or 2 by same amount.

If theres a cutting war, I just made a tactic which generally works...

For this towork, you need to be online and watch your auction.

Lets say i'm selling insightful earthsiege diamond for 50g and someone cut me for 49.99, then i cut for 49.98, etc, etc.

I also added most of my competitors  on my friends list so i can c where they r and at AH or not.

Lets say 50g  is the %100 pct of this gem. If theres a cut war going on, i decrease the cut range to 30g from 50g. This is uqual to %55 - %60 pct. i stop and wait him to list his gems from %55 pct and i buy them all out. which means i will be able to sell  them for  %100 later on when hes not on, later on sometime, PROFIT. Of course he might not list any at all due to you cutting him so high... but we will get to that later.

When i do this, if person is clever, he stops posting(if hes not just keep buying his %55 pct gems for profit while his stocks get dry LOL) and logs off or just stop posting and wait my gems to sell out so he can list his for higher prices. But this also enables him not checking the insightful eartsiege market as often as if we had a cutting war going. After 5 to 10 mins, i put in a few more insightful gems from 48g and generally he doesnt check that market for 30 mins orso and i delete the gem that i put in for 30g,making me sell my gems from 48g for no competition. I play in a horde populated realm and in peak times like nights, you can really sell shitloads of gems in 30 minutes.

Of course this will not work if the other seller checks the market every 5 mins meaning he's stubborn but generally it works.

It's just common sensewith a twist.

It would  be awesome if you can post this strategy:)



Nice detailed way to deal with undercutters Sahjhan! If the player being undercut was smart he/she would ignore your 50% undercut and just let demand take care of getting rid of it. However, this person is most likely running with an addon like quick auctions 3 and therefore will undercut your 50% auctions. Keep owning the undercutters Sahjhan!

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  1. I've had this happen to me. I almost always let demand take care of it and post at my normal price. Unless I know it's going to be an easy flip. But I'd rather not transfer my wealth, but if you are able to camp the auction house you can always win undercutting wars if you have the supply to battle with.

    I get into an issue where you spend too much time camping the auction house monitoring all your auctions and getting your self into several undercutting wars. Don't get me wrong they can be fun but I also want to do other things in WoW, like arena, for fun.

    So at what point do you say, "heck with it, I still have gold coming in, I'm gonna go have fun" ?

  2. I have to ask what the popular addon is these days which makes your friends/competitors locations visible?

    I am preparing for war with some p.i.t.a undercutters and I like the thought of knowing their where-abouts when I choose to engage them in some first class AH PVP.

  3. Lately I've been using just a handful of cuts for my gems. There are a couple of hard core JC people on the AH and I don't have the time or energy to compete, so I don't. If I get 100g for any of the particular gem cuts I have, I'm happy. I get my gems mainly from honor with premades and randoms so I get a ton.

    So if a Luminous Ametrine is up for 125g, I'll go in at 100g or just over. One particular AH player buys me out immediately. I easily get rid of those 5gems per night, without having to re-list and undercut constantly.

    I know it isn't the usually way of gold makers but works for me.

  4. It seems to me that undercutting happens a LOT when dealing with gems... to the point that the deposits add up and start cutting into your profit. I wonder how people track this and what do they do when they are undercut so much that gems are no longer profitable?

  5. That doesn't work on my server. We have a bot camping the auction 24/7 for over 4 months now. Yes he bots but he's also sitting there most of the time monitoring it.

    The only thing that works with him his driving the price low enough there isn't enough profit for him to bother with anymore. His breaking point seems to be at about 10g over raw gem cost. At that point he stops posting.

    The bot also spams all day long buying gems (as well as just about everything else under the sun worth buying) for 10g+ less than anyone else. The bot used to get plenty of cheap gems from other farmers and account hackers and never ran out of gems.

    However after a long protracted 4 month war between him and I over the gem market most players won't sell gems in trade anymore and auction gem prices are generally 90-100g for primary colors and 60-80g or less for mixed colors. I generally buy at 90 primary 70 mixed though I'll go 5-10g higher for a gem I'm getting low on to keep prices from breaking through again. I'll get gems for even less sometimes (I've seen as low as 80g primary and 50g mixed on the auction) but very few are sold that cheaply.

    After 4 months gem prices are low and stable enough that I've finally been able to source enough gems I can mark them up 10-20g and not run out for a whole week. And the bot has hardly posted gems the whole week. He probably figures I can't keep it up and will run out of gems eventually but it looks like I might be able to do it. :)

  6. Dammit this post thing times out too quickly. I wrote a long story about my 4 month war against a botter who camps the auction 24/7.

    To make a long story short (not going to have it time out again) after 4 months raw gem prices are 90-100g for primary colors, 60-80g for mixed colors. I buy at 90/70 and sometimes go a bit higher for a gem I'm low on. I post my gems mostly at a 10-20g profit, any higher and the bot jumps right back in all over it.

    It works, profits aren't very much but at least he isn't snagging all the big profits and stopping everyone else from selling gems 24 hours a day 7 days a week any more.

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