Auction House Theme Song

"Dear Markco, It has come to my attention that auctioneers do not yet have an official theme song, as a result I wrote one for you. I have recently started playing the auction house and I would love any suggestions you have. Your blog is a wonderful way to get started into making money in World of Warcraft and I must get around to buying your guide. Without a further ado here is the song (Short and sweet):

You have to sing it like the United States National Anthem for the full effect.

To the Auction House, I hail to you
In all your gold
I pray to you
So allow my sales to sell
And my profits to explode
My dear Auction house, we love you.
                                                                                                                           From, Matt"

Do you have songs you listen to while playing the auction house? Were you able to make this song of Matt's work in your head cause I sure as hell couldn't. Maybe I'm just tone deaf!

2 comments: on "Auction House Theme Song"

  1. I gave it a shot, and I'll try to write it up as I heard it in my head.

    'To-o the Auction House,
    I-i ha-ail to you,
    In all of your gold
    I-i pra-ay to you

    (switch to final three lines of National Anthem)

    So all-ow my-y sales to sell
    And my pro-o-ofits to explo-ode
    My de-ear Auction house,
    we-e lo-o-ove you.'

    It works...sort of. Just takes a lot of creativity and a familiarity with the National Anthem that comes from years of having to sing it before school football games.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  2. It doesn't scan to "The Star-Spangled Banner" (or "America the Beautiful", which is often confused for the US anthem). Maybe he's thinking of a different song?

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