Auctioneer Stage 2

"Hey Markco,

Been making a steady stream of gold since I started implementing some
of what you talk about in the podcast, blog, and on the JMTC forums. I
purchased your 20k leveling guide as well, and it's great. Up until
recently, I barely scanned the AH with Auctioneer because I didn't
know there was a fast scan button. Waiting 15 minutes for a slow scan
was ridiculous and I never let it finish. Now that I know about the
fast scan feature (double arrow in the browse tab), I have a tip for

Click the button for fast scan, and once you see the loading bar get
to stage 2, you can safely hit escape, go pick up your mail, craft, do
whatever. Stage 1 is downloading, so you can't leave the AH for that
as far as I know. As I wrote this email, though, I was sitting at the
mailbox for stage 2... it's almost done stage 3, so I'm going to go do
a snatch search. Talk to you later!

Domenic D"

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  1. Thanks for this hint. Time is gold, so time-saving is gold-earning.

  2. While I believe you can post and even start new searches and buy things during stages 2+3, people should know that the appraiser will not show you any current data.

    You can hit "Refresh all" and it will do the searches, but it wont refresh the data until after stage 3 finished, and when it finished, it would have refreshed everything anyway.

    While you can buy items during stage 2, be careful of buying items on your snatch list. They will still be on your snatchlist results, and if you snatch them it can slow auctioneer tremendously.

    Worst Case Scenario, there are 400 auctions for saronite ore, the first fifty are for a good price, because some %$#%#$ posted 50 singles. Snatch would search page 1 of the ore, and then would provide 50 popup windows, one immediately after the other for you to buy.

    If you had bought those 50, and still tried to buy them in snatch, Snatch would have requested all 8 pages one at a time looking for the first auction before deciding it was gone. Then it would do the same for the next requested ore, and for each of the remaining ores. 400 Page requests takes about as long as half a full-auction search done the slow way.

    Trust me, make that mistake once after buying over 400 singles, with 12 pages remaining, and you'll learn your lesson and want to spout about it in blogs like this one.

  3. If by accident you close the window during step one, just relog and you'll be able to do a fast scan again without waiting a full 15 minutes

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