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Why should you buy on saturday mornings? Well because so many people are asleep and had posted the night before! Therefore you have lots of supply but little demand = rock bottom prices. I posted about this a long long time ago under the title Saronite Saturdays and I thought it was time to rehash this point.

I usually don't get to play on friday or saturday but I recently have been teaching my brother how to run my gold business for me (so he will eventually have his own as well). He's doing a great job and his favorite part is buying out tens of thousands of gold worth of mats just because he can lol. The best time he has noted for buying the most common level 80 items is (shock) saturday morning.

Maybe next saturday morning (if you're reading this post later today) you should leave the alarm on and take a look at the auction house.

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  1. Yup. Always wanna be the last to post and the first to buy.

  2. Tis true, I bought up probably 70 stacks of netherweave cloth this morning for 3g or less which I will turn around and sell as bags for 12 to 15g a pop! Last night they were running the server average of around 7g when I went to bed. Also managed to get enough frozen orbs for my weekly spellthread production at just 10g a piece! I only wish I had more time in between waking up and going to work to do it for all of my characters!

  3. Never been a time for most of my buying. I always found certain gathering mats were best bought on Weekend afternooons. As in anything it depends in part on your server.

  4. Right before midnight or just late in the weekends also is profitable to purchase your wares.

    A lot of players using that time to raid, farmers however, post their stuff after a day of hard working posting all their ores or herbs and possibly at a lower price so they are certain of at least some sales by the next time they log in.

    I just happen to come across such a deal (337 Stacks of Adder's Tongue for 12g each, making it 4044g total), while the average price floats around 18-25g per stack.

    Also, after a little bit of research, I've been able to automate milling.
    Yes you've read that completely right, automate milling, something that Blizzard wanted to prevent.
    I still need to make my method perfect, but I can afk mill till all my herbs(in my bag) are converted to inks.

  5. Lulz venron tell-.- i ussualy spends 2 hrs milling (doh) :) or email it to

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